Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Privacy - Letter Sent by me to Stephen Harper


Mr. Stephen Harper

This afternoon I had the opportunity of watching you answer questions on privacy matters. Unless I misunderstood, you stated that all previous police investigations on individuals suspected of wrongdoing required a court issued warrant, and that practice would not change going forward. Can you please verify the accuracy of my statement?

Are there any plans in place to allow government agencies to spy on Canadians without a warrant, and if so, what conditions must be present for government agencies to do so?

As you may have concluded, I do not trust politicians, especially in light of what is transpiring globally. It is my opinion that you have entered the threshold of fascism, and no longer respect the rules of democracy or free speech. Could you please explain your government's agenda with respect to Bill C-13?

Mr. Harper I would like assess to my government held file. I would also like to know if any agency has investigated me. How would I gain access to that information?

I do hope your reply will not be evasive or untimely.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Toronto, Canada

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pathebert31 said...

It sounds like your going to wait few months or even years to get an answer...