Sunday, April 13, 2014

Resurrection – The Television Series

Resurrection – The Television Series

There are two very important lessons communicated in tonight’s television episode of Resurrection. The first occurs, when Caleb states that there is no life, nor death ( I recently wrote something about this – please read ) The second occurs when the townspeople negatively react to the individuals who have been resurrected (i.e. inside the church).

Good Friday and Easter are quickly approaching, but before we come to remember Jesus’ resurrection, it may be more appropriate to remember how Jesus resurrected Lazarus. In there lies the second lesson.

When Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead, the Bible did not explain how or what Jesus did, nor from whence Lazarus returned. The important difference is that when Lazarus was resurrected a Divine Being intervened, and people witnessed the event. In the television series, the resurrection finds itself void of the Divine Being.

Critical is the lesson that “faith” succumbs to “fear” when an enigmatic and disturbing event challenges our comfortable norm - one that has been diluted by technology, consumerism, modernity and a lack of spirituality.

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Joseph Pede

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