Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Student

The Student

At one time the student ran a marathon race with technology. Today the student and technology are competing in the 100 yard dash. In the very near future technology will make obsolete the student and the human race.

We no longer question or analyze technology’s impact on the human condition; technological innovation is surreptitiously mutating consciousness without moral and ethical containment.

The student, adept and the unprepared master will soon be on equal footing. The new global curriculum will require an investment, not tuition, in one-self, the spirit and soul.

Constructing a symbiotic relationship with an artificial environment, without consciously letting go of our free will, will become an extreme challenge. The final paradigm shift may include the realization that we all failed to follow our true vocation in life.

The next intellectual epiphany will challenge imbedded mind-sets, and preconceived notions of societal structure. Money, work, materialism, religion, family, government etc. will all face trans-formative alterations.

There will be two outcomes for the student in the brave new world – either slave or rebel.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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