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“Wigner Effect”, Fukushima and Airline Safety

“Wigner Effect”, Fukushima and Airline Safety

Recently I heard a very interesting discourse by Leuren Moret. She brought up the issue of metal fatigue, and a concept known as the “Wigner Effect”

Moret was referring specifically to Fukushima and how radiation being released by the crippled Japanese nuclear reactors will have a devastating impact on airplanes. Radiation has a caustic impact on metal, thus making the components of an airplane susceptible to the decomposition effects of radiation.  Needless to say, radiation has an extremely dangerous physiological impact on pilots and passengers.

If planes start disintegrating and crashing,  and if pilots continue to experience heart attacks, cancers and strange behavior, the dangers of Fukushima will become a realization for all.

Below is an article which explains the Wigner Effect and the ongoing tragedy of Fukushima.

Fukushima triggers unprecedented increase in airline pilot & passenger heart attacks, cancers, radiation illness symptoms. Interview recorded Feb 2oth 2014

The Fukushima Nuclear Accident resulted in a massive release of radionuclides into our biosphere. Releases continue from the plant via steam events and pouring of massive amounts of water on the reactors and pools which makes its way to the Pacific Ocean endlessly. Two years ago I was contacted by a flight attendant working out of the Seattle-Tacoma airport who had concerns about various illnesses that were affecting pilots and flight crews, since Fukushima. Over the past two years we have collected any and all reports pertaining to this possible connection, until we had a significant amount of data to present to the public. What has become obvious is that something is causing a significant statistical increase in pilots who are having medical emergencies during flights, based on available data.

On February 20th I sat down with Alfred Weber to discuss the increase, what this means for frequent fliers, and where we need to go from here.
The following is the list of just pilot-related medical emergencies that have occurred post Fukushima. We will track these events and continue to do interviews as more information becomes available. The 25 page FAQ can be found here in its entirety.

Searching google I did not find any reports or news stories of commercial pilots having heart attacks of passing out mid-flight prior to Fukushima. These stories started appearing with regularity in April of 2011. Using WayBackMachine internet archive there were 2 stories in 2011 pre-Fukushima, one from Seattle, one from Bahrain Jan and Feb of 2011, respectively. Further back yields only a few sporadic reports (refer to full report).

According to “The Wings of the Web” at, a forum for pilots, only 2 cases showed up in searching their database: One of NWA pilot passing out in January of 2004, and one of a Porter Airlines pilot passing out in November of 2009.

So we have a combined number of 6 documented cases of pilots involving 6 pilots passing out mid-flight since 2004, in the 7 years before 3/11, and 17 events involving 19 pilots in the past 3 years, post 3/11. This information does not include medical emergencies that resulted in crashes, or the 11 military pilots that passed out flying F-22′s. We are continuing to collect data for these events as well. An article regarding the F-22 pilot investigation is posted below.

NTSB does not keep records of in-flight medical emergencies, unless it results in a crash.  So we have no way to research this further by hard data. Feb 28th: *We are currently compiling a list of plane crashes, as I was reminded and advised yesterday from a physicist that contacted me after the interview that decomposition of metals can be occurring from radiation bombardment, putting the integrity of plane structures and electrical components at risk.  We will see what the data shows pre and post Fukushima. ” Ionization is the process in which a charged portion of a molecule (usually an electron) is given enough energy to break away from the atom. This process results in the formation of two charged particles or ions: the molecule with a net positive charge, and the free electron with a negative charge. Each ionization releases approximately 33 electron volts (eV) of energy. Material surrounding the atom absorbs the energy. Compared to other types of radiation that may be absorbed, ionizing radiation deposits a large amount of energy into a small area. In fact, the 33 eV from one ionization is more than enough energy to disrupt the chemical bond between two carbon atoms. All ionizing radiation is capable, directly or indirectly, of removing electrons from most molecules.” 

The Wigner effect (named for its discoverer, E. P. Wigner), also known as the decomposition effect, is the displacement of atoms in a solid caused by neutron radiation. Any solid can be affected by the Wigner effect, but the effect is of most concern in neutron moderators, such as graphite, that are used to slow down fast neutrons (see Sellafield/Windscale nuclear accident).
In comparing to the available data i.e. news reports, it would appear we have had a sizeable increase with 6 events in 7 years vs 17 events in 3 years pre and post Fukushima, respectively. I would like to reiterate that does not include the 11 military pilots that have passed out flying F-22′s.

Read full report:

You can also view the one hour video presentation by Leuren Moret, which is more specific to the missing MH370 flight, at the following LINK:

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Leuren Moret said...

Dear Joseph - Thank you for this very well done article on the introduction of the Fukushima environmental consequences of the Wigner effect on airplanes and radiation effects on pilots. I have also discovered that car mechanics in northern Michigan (high levels of environmental radiation reported from high rain and snowfall) are reporting very large increases in metal fatigue/embrittlement in cars that has slowly been creeping up in frequency. Engines are falling out of 2 yr old cars because the bolts failed that hold the engine in the car etc. This is definitely the impact of Fukushima radiation on the global infrastructure.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Moret is ignorant and has absolutely zero scientific credibility.

Anonymous said...

Nuke Apologist beech.

loveallwolves said...

A pilot recently died in flight. I thought of the wigner effect and wondered if their was a connection.

Unknown said...

No, of course not. The Wigner Effect is only seen in crystalline metal matrices, and only then at high radiation levels similar to those seen in the core of a nuclear reactor.

Unknown said...

No, there was no connection.

Anonymous said...

It seems that those who are ardent and sincere sacrificing everything to bring to the attention of the general population the inherent dangers OF RADIOACTIVE EXPOSURES ARE FOR SOME REASON MALIGNED? They are the brave ones who face the ridicule of those who lack humanitarian conscience, To deride their efforts implies a great callousness. The scientific research that they quote validates their contentions which the irrefutable demise of our planetary environment. Anyone who has researched this material realizes that the message is true and a valiant warning to the human race. This I applaud. we need more proactive members of the human race as a van guard against the propagandists defending a flawed energy program !

Unknown said...

Despite what Leuren Moret and the other fearmongers say, the Wigner Effect is not a problem outside of the intense radiation fields inside the core of an operating nuclear reactor, where it was first discovered.

Levels sufficiently high to damage aircraft structural components would fry the crew and passengers within minutes.

And besides, it takes neutrons, and high energy ones at that, to create Wigner defects in metallic structures. The only neutrons that aircraft are likely to encounter are the very few cosmogenic neutrons generated by cosmic rays.

These people (Moret and others that depend on fearmongering to make a living) are taking advantage of your lack of education in the field to further their scam.

muttkat said...

Atomic vets article stated that rivets were pinging off the moorings when nuclear testing was being done.

At the WTC, a fireman stated rivets were pinging off the scaffolding all day at 90 West, a building that eventually became comepletely engulfed in flames and didn't collapse.