Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling

What does one do when one has exercised power and influence all their lives, only to be confronted by a situation that shatters them wholly?

We all do and say things that we believe to be factual. Even within the most hateful statements there exists some essence of truth, or the whole truth. Presentation is everything, as is the intelligence and wisdom of the listener.

We as a society have come to punish what one says, more so than what one does. The “does” part should matter more because it has earth-shattering effects. Words can be destructive in so many ways, but words also provide a forum for debate and thought provoking discussion. The context in which words are spoken, are just as relevant as the words themselves.

Hate, in my opinion, is cultivated and not genetic. Media propaganda, established societal norms, political intervention and religion all act to create hate.

This once invincible shell of a man has just encountered the current reality. A reality that now punishes what once Jews were permitted to do openly because of their own past dealings with hate; and even that hate is being challenged by a new awareness and social consciousness.

Was Donald Sterling baited into saying what he said? It does not matter, because the circumstance sheds light on a far greater truth – what human beings think of each other.

Was Sterling’s mistress rewarded for her actions, did Magic Johnson play a covert role in bringing this about, were Sterling’s past actions being punished, is society ready to explore our next level of human interaction, or was God just ready to punish Sterling?

I have always spoken my mind, knowing that the mind gathers its thoughts from a place outside our own physical dimension. It is a gift from God, and combined with free will, it should ascend all human beings to a higher plateau. Whether we call it hate, a differing point of view or a sickness, we should embrace it as a gift - a gift which makes us want to seek out what diminishes us all.

I believe that 99.9% of those who have witnessed what Donald Sterling has said, and done, want him gone as the owner of the “Clippers”. I believed this at first as well. I now believe Sterling’s best days as a human being have yet to be lived, especially if he remains owner of the “Clippers”. God does works in mysterious ways.

Redemption is not only for the one being redeemed. 

Added footnote:

In 1926, in Chicago, a 24-year-old businessman named Abe Saperstein formed a small basketball team called the Savoy Big Five. He was just trying to promote a nightclub called the Savoy Ballroom, but in just a few years the team had played over 1000 games around the country and become the Harlem Globetrotters.

In 1941, the Globetrotters signed Reece "Goose" Tatum, an all-time great who developed amazing comedy moves and changed the direction of the team.

The sad part was that Abe Saperstein was one of the worst racists in sports history, and he too was a Jew. The point - Donald Sterling is not alone.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Steve 'n' Lady said...

hello Joseph, excellent post . I agree that hatred and racism in particular have been foisted upon an unwitting populace and would also agree with you where this comes from .this is disturbing for me ,and confusing .