Thursday, May 15, 2014

Medellin Cocaine Cartel & Latest news from James Casbolt

Hank Meijer ( Pindar ) Fred Meijer ( Beliel ) Doug Meijer ( runs Medellin cocaine cartel ). According to James Casbolt they launder much of their drug money through their supermarket chain in the eastern region of the  USA. The chain is called "Meijer".

Project Angels & Demons...May 15, 2014

Just been informed an offshoot of this program was busting serial killers out of prison. The connections-

1) My journalist friend Dave Starbuck and I became friendly with a woman who's young daughter was involved in the rings and said she'd met Ian Brady and Mira Hindley after the the public had been told they'd died. Both not dead.
2) Jeffrey Dahmer was trained at Ft Sam as a 68w medic same as me. That's where he learnt to drill holes in people's skulls, inject acid- zombie creation. Dahmer not dead.
3) Richard Ramirez was said to have died in Marin County Hospital same place I was taken after my little fun at The Grove. Ramirez not dead.
4) Jimmy Saville- rituals in Texas by US to venerate him ( end of 2012 ). Given keys to Broadmore. Hunting/murder games with Peter Sutcliff. Jimmy Saville still alive...
5) Ian Watkins. Keep a close on him in media.
All recruited by the Vatican. Miles Johnston should speak to Allison Campbell..
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