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The Sting - Destruction of America

The Sting - Destruction of America

In 1973, Paul Newman and Robert Redford performed wonderfully in a movie entitled “The Sting”. The movie illustrated how the perfect crime is committed with the handy-work of clever planning.

The protagonist who has been placed in charge of destroying the United States of America is George H.W. Bush – assassin, murderer, drug dealer, genocidal maniac, Masonic propagandist, war monger and thief.

In order to achieve a New World Order, two very important events must occur, i) America in its current configuration must be destroyed, and ii) Russia and China must agree to the new global protocols. An America with guns, no jobs and a dying middle class will erupt into uncontrollable chaos, and with certainty collapse the American economy. The fall of America is singularly attributable to the collapse of the American Petro-Dollar Reserve Currency and America’s growing isolation on the global stage.

The destruction of America is in the works as we speak. The key dates are May 5 – July 7, 2014. This singular event is being planned around false flag events and supported by intense media propaganda - all to some degree have failed in their hyperbole.

These events started with 911, followed by the 2009 financial collapse, the eruption of civil war and unrest in the Middle East, shootings, bombings and stabbings on American soil, growing tensions between Israel and Iran, the Ukrainian calamity, and most recently, the disappearance of MH370, Bundy and the “race card”. Yes Donald Sterling is an agent in the fermentation of America’s destruction.

The big question is what will they do? Failed negotiations with Japan and Malaysia on the TPPA, and the exclusion of China and Russia in the same agreement is not a good sign for global fascism, especially when much of the Middle-East is embracing Russia and many Europeans find it difficult to economically agree with an embargo on Russia.

But what if I told you that Crimea was an orchestrated event as well? NATO had to relinquish an important sea port to Russia before any alliance between the Ukraine and the EU became possible. Crimea was in part repayment for the losses Russia incurred in Libya and Syria, and of the expropriation of Russian wealth held in Cyprus off-shore accounts.

The Sting, as I have mentioned many times before will not involve nuclear weapons, nor will any significant military event occur in the Ukraine. What is likely to occur in America is an event where the military will be deployed in a life-saving cataclysmic event – major virus, major earthquake, collapse of the banking system, power grid failure accompanied by the collapse of the WWW.

Yup, we are getting there. How to stop it? Execute George H.W. Bush and his cronies. He is in charge of the destruction of America. On February 8, 2012 I documented what Rabbi Yitzchak Kudari had revealed – that with the passing of Ariel Sharon, and Sharon died this year, a planetary calamity would ensue (i.e. the fulfillment of Bible prophecy).


George H.W. Bush is the anti-Christ and Obama is his appointed agent at the present time. I wrote the following in July, 2009:

................Nostradamus’ prediction that MABUS would be the third anti-Christ. Many believe that this code name is somehow attached to Islam or Bin Laden. Think again. In Renaissance times the letter “h” was typically silent and carried little importance. If we separate MABUS into its syllables we get MA BUS, and if we add the letter “h” to each syllable, we get MAh BUSh. The Kaballah tells us that “Mah” defines the “Laws of Formation”. Therefore the anti-Christ is seen to be the individual whose name forms “Bush”...............

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The Bible details precisely from the war that will be occurred in the end of times in the Middle-East, when a certain countries attack against Israel. What kind of point of view and attitude nations of the world has regarding to the word of the Bible, and Israel will decide their fate in the Last Days. Regardless of it that does you believe the Bible or not you should know that what the Bible teaches about the end of times.