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Barack Obama - The Fraud

Pat Boone’s ‘Bombshell’: Obama’s Birth Certificate Will Be Proven Fake By September 2014

Pat Boone, the legendary singer, actor, and writer, now apparently has a new title: Obama Birther. Even though he denies it.

“I’m not a birther,” he says. Right. Just like racists always deny that they are racist.
In an interview with liberal Fox News talk show host Alan Colmes, Boone claims that sometime before September of this year, President Obama’s birth certificate will prove to be fake. Why Boone picked an arbitrary date and who his “sources” are remains a mystery. He did say that “trained investigators” are on the case, which most likely can be translated as “pulling out of his *ss”.
Here is the transcript, from Liberaland.

Boone: What I’m going to predict here is by September of this year, the major smoking gun, which is a high crime, not just a misdemeanor, but a high crime, that supposed copy of the birth certificate that is displayed on the White House website as we talk, by many experts has already proven not to be not a copy of anything, of something that perhaps doesn’t exist, which is an actual birth certificate, but it is a Photoshopped fraud created to look like what they wanted it to look like. And I say “they” because I don’t think it was the President himself but those around him. But experts who understand the techniques of these things, including a guy in my own office who knows how things are Photoshopped, and knows the telltale signs of things that have been pasted on to other documents or other things. It is obviously to anyone who knows that process is a fraud. It is not a copy of anything and that is a high crime.”
COLMES: Tell me how you know this.
BOONE: Well I’m talking to some people that they are trained detectives and investigators and I’ve been trying to get people in Congress to pay attention to these things and create. We should have to be us citizens saying, “Wait a minute, this thing doesn’t look real.”
COLMES: The State of Hawaii said this is a legitimate birth certificate
BOONE: There are trained investigators who are finding out, and I can’t divulge any more than I will make a prediction that by September of this year, it will be proven that that is not the case. And look, if there was a hospital in Hawaii, in which the President had been born, and they had a birth certificate to prove it, do you think there would be a plaque, something to indicate they’re proud.
COLMES: What I don’t understand is though Pat is two different Hawaiian publications within weeks of the birth of Barack Obama in 1961 there were notices, which are now on microfiche, you can find them, how can have appeared in Hawaiian newspapers within weeks of his birth, how did that happen?
BOONE: Well, the things that appeared in the paper were juts blanket announcements of his birth but they didn’t name a hospital or a birth certificate.
BOONE: For instance, just as an example, what if he was born in Mombasa? To a woman who could not get on the plane because she was too close to birth and after she delivered the baby she came to Honolulu because she wanted him to be known as an American citizen. What if her mother was working in the documents department?
COLMES: You believe he was not born in the United States?
BOONE: All I can tell you is I was in Mombasa just after he was elected and everybody there said, “You know you’re President was born here.” I brought home a T-shirt that said “Birthplace of the President of the United States.” Either the whole nation was fooled or there was something else going on.
COLMES: You also used the phrase “High Crimes and Misdemeanors.” So are you suggesting that with this revelation were it to occur as your predicting that it would be an impeachable offense?
BOONE: Look, I’m not a constitutional law expert so all I’m saying is I’m not going to try to draw, you know, either a judgment or a verdict. But I’m saying there are facts, smoking guns on the table that a Congressional committee ought to at least if nothing else settle all the doubt and the allegations that have been made and show substantive proof. But if this thing is a fraud if is a Photoshopped fraud, then there has to be some kind of reason for that.
BOONE: I’m not a birther
COLMES: But it sounds like it Pat, you know that based on what you’re saying?
BOONE: I’m a questioner

If there were any questions at all about the legitimacy of President Obama’s birthplace, it would have been brought up a long time ago. The Republicans in office would have left no stone unturned if indeed there was anything to this whole birther conspiracy, but that fact is lost on the likes of Pat Boone.

You can watch the rest of the interview here.


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