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Celebrities Seeking Sex With The Supernatural

Days of Lot:

Celebrities Seeking Sex With The Supernatural
By Minister Fortson
What’s the deal with Hollywood’s obsession with having sex with the supernatural and what does it have to do with the days of Lot? I’m gonna come back to that, but first, here’s the real deal about a subject that is often over complicated, rarely addressed, and easily misunderstood.

Why I’m Writing This Chances are you’ve never heard of spectrophilia (at least not by that name), but that’s all about to change. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to discuss this topic during Wednesday night Bible study at church. Recently, there have been several celebrities that have stated that they were open to engaging in spectrophilia, but the phenomena isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination. So what exactly is it?


Spectrophilia – “Spectrophilia is sexual attraction to ghosts or sexual arousal from images in mirrors, also the phenomenon of sexual encounters between ghosts and humans.” – Wikipedia

The above definition is the easiest way to define what spectrophilia is, but it is often a little more complicated when it comes to reports of its occurrence. One element that is usually a big part of the experience is the rape of both men and women, usually while they are sleeping. Just to make sure we get this right, we’re going to take a little bit of time to really dig into this topic.

Gilgamesh – Many people know the name, but the story of his birth isn’t as well known. According to the story, his father was Lugalbanda, was a post flood god-human hybrid (demigod) that had sex with a goddess (supernatural female entity). The result was Gilgamesh being born 2/3 god and 1/3 human.

Achilles – According to legend, Achilles was the son of Thetis (sea goddess) and Peleus. It is this supernatural sexual encounter that results in Achilles being born as a god-human hybrid (demigod).

Hercules – According to legend, he was the son of Zeus (male god) and a mortal woman. He was also a demigod (part god part human).

Nephilim – According to the Bible, they were the sons of angels and human women. Unfortunately, there is a lot of false doctrine that attempts to mask the truth behind these events.

Merlin – According to legend, he was a cambion. A cambion is part demon and part human. Often times that fact is left out of the King Arthur story.

But It’s Just Mythology!

I’m amazed at how many times people use the EXCUSE that its just mythology, as a means of ignoring ancient stories of the supernatural. Really think about this for a moment. The Bible testifies to the existence of beings with supernatural powers that are very similar in description to the gods of mythology. We call them angels.

Is it coincidence that fallen angels can seek worship, and the gods of mythology did the same? Maybe it’s just mythology. Genesis 6:1-4 mentions the sons of God (angels) coming down, having sex with human women, and creating hybrid offspring. Is it a coincidence that the gods of mythology did the same? Maybe its just mythology.

Is it a coincidence that the idea of sex with the supernatural exists all throughout history, regardless of politics, religion, or economic status? The following is a list of entities that past cultures believed had sex with humans:

Watchers: In the Book of Enoch, the Grigori, also known as the Watchers, were a group of 200 angels led by Samyaza. They made a pact to take human wives and as a result are punished by God. Their offspring become famous giants that terrorize the world and eventually their actions led to God sending the Great Flood.

The Gods: Zeus was ruler of the Greek gods and had the ability to shape shift. On one occasion, he shape shifted into a bull to abduct a woman by the name of Europa and impregnated her. The ability to shape shift and take people against their will was not exclusive to Zeus, but other gods in the Greek Pantheon also had the same ability.

Nymphs: In Greek mythology, nymphs would abduct men and have sex with them against their will. They were also believed to have the power to change or manipulate the shape of things and themselves. Interestingly, this is where we get the word “nympho” commonly referring to a woman that constantly craves sex.

Bodach – Also known as a Bugbear or Bug-A-Boo, the Bodach is the mythical spirit or creature we know in America as the Bogeyman. They are believed to slide down chimneys to kidnap naughty children. The Bodach legend appears in at least 43 different countries under various names, but always with supernatural power, and the motive of abducting children. In several cultures the Bodach has the ability to shape shift into an old man or a giant.

Fairies: A lot of fairy mythology revolves around changelings. The fairies would abduct human children, and then leave fairy children in their place. People in the most danger of being abducted by fairies were old people, unchurched women that had just given birth, and anyone that ate fairy food. Fairies also seem to be able to manipulate time. In one story, Thomas the Rhymer stays seven years in Elfland, but when he crosses back over to the human world, over three hundred years have passed and he turns into an old man. Fairies also have the ability to change the appearance of objects and themselves. However, fairy ointment allows you to see through the veil of illusion, but as a consequence of using the ointment, you go blind in whichever eye you used the ointment on. Revelation 3:18 speaks of “eyesalve” that would allow the church to see what is really going on. There may or may not be a connection here, but it is an interesting reference. Simple charms such as an inverted coat, open iron scissors left where the child sleeps, or constant watch over the child were thought to ward them off. Fairies were also believed to be the spirits of the dead, fallen angels, or evil spirits depending on which culture we are referencing.

Spriggans – Small, grotesque and ugly in shape, they have the ability to inflate themselves into monstrous forms which has led some people to believe them to be the ghosts of old giants. Apart from their useful function as guardians of hill treasure, Spriggans are an infamous band of villains, skilled thieves, thoroughly destructive, and often dangerous. They are capable of robbing human houses, kidnapping children and leaving a baby Spriggan in its place, causing whirlwinds to destroy fields, blighting crops and all kinds of other mischief.

Tricksters – These are supernatural beings known to break the rules of the gods or some other divine order. They are seen as mischievous and cunning beings that can take on many forms. Many Native American cultures associate them with coyotes. There are at least 62 cultures that share various forms of a belief in Tricksters.

Succubus: This is a demonic sex spirit that takes the form of a woman to seduce men in their dreams and have sex with them. Some victims of the succubus claim that they were spiritually seduced in order to create intense sexual energy, and are thereafter permanently addicted to sex. Intercourse with a Succubus was said to result in health problems and even death.

Incubus: This is the male counterpart to the female Succubus. The demonic Incubus seduces women in order to father a child. One example of a child fathered by such a union is Merlin, the wizard in the King Arthur legend. Both the Incubus and Succubus generally prey on humans while they sleep, but the Incubus have been known to assault women while they are fully awake. Another interesting characteristic associated with the Incubus is the drinking of blood, which may explain the origins of vampirism. Vlad the Impaler was born November 25, 1431 A.D., but the earliest report of an incubus occurs in 2,400 B.C. on the Sumerian Kings list. According to the list, Lilu (Gilgamesh’s supernatural father) would seduce women in their sleep.

The above list was excerpted from my book, Beyond Flesh and Blood: The Ultimate Guide To Angels and Demons. These are only nine of the various types of supernatural entities that have been reported as having sex with humans throughout history.

Ancient Beliefs Modern Times

Its seems as though the old legends of incubus and succubus having sex with unsuspecting men and women in their sleep, may not be so far fetched, according to some celebrities. Katy Perry is one such celebrity that has talked about the subject in her song E.T., in which she invites an entity of supernatural or extraterrestrial origin to “take me”, as she states in her lyrics. In an attempt to be 100% objective here, I will point out that this song also seems to have a lot of sexual innuendo, in addition to its references to the metaphysical. Here are the opening lyrics:
“You’re so hypnotizing. Could you be the devil, could you be an angel? Your touch magnetizing. Feels like I am floating. Leaves my body glowing. They say be afraid. You’re not like the others futuristic lover. Different DNA. They don’t understand you. You’re from a whole other world. A different dimension. You opened my eyes. I’m ready to go. Lead me into the light.” – Katy Perry, E.T.

Human Supernatural Romance Is Popular

Did you know that Twilight wasn’t exactly original? It’s just an old tale being retold in a new way. Hollywood has a long history of romanticizing sex with supernatural beings such as vampires. Let’s take a quick look at this history of depicting human-supernatural relationships:

The Entity
Vampire In Brooklyn
The Prophecy 2
Mortal Instruments
Stargate SG-1

If we just look at this short list of six items, we see representations of sex between humans and ghosts, humans and vampires, humans and nephilim, humans and angels, humans a gods/goddesses. Hollywood seems to be playing catch up to what the Bible and the rest of human history have been saying for a long time. But, how exactly does this tie into the days of Lot?

The Days of Lot

In Luke 17 Jesus said that one aspect of the last days is that they would be like the days of Lot. Many people have been conditioned to automatically focus on homosexuality, but there is something a little more specific going on. People were actively seeking a sexual encounter with the supernatural (the angels).

When we compare that with the growing trend of people seeking sexual experiences with the supernatural, it’s hard not to see the current connect.


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