Saturday, June 28, 2014

JIM WILLIE Fingers Bush Regime For 9/11 & IRS transferred to China from Vatican

JIM WILLIE Fingers Bush Regime For 9/11 False Flag: “These Are The Neo-Nazis Who Brought Us The 9/11 Attacks… And They Are Running Out of Cards To Play”

Neocon is just a nice word for Neo-Nazi. So people need to wake up that when Bush Junior hit the office of the White House and his gang of Neocons came in with a lot of foreign passports (Note: Israeli passports),these were the Nazis. These were the Neo-Nazis who brought us 9/11. I fully believe they’re key players behind the 9/11 attacks.” – Jim Wille

Ed. Note: Don’t miss the blockbuster answer to the question at 34:30:

They (Chinese) now own the future income from the Federal Reserve and the income taxes from the IRS. They own the IRS income stream. I believe it was transferred from the Vatican to China in the last year… we’re about to be colonized.” – Jim Wille


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