Friday, July 18, 2014

777 Update

This is the second time a Malaysian Boeing 777 has met tragedy in a month abounding with number 7 numerology.

MH17 crashed on the 17th of July and MH370 went missing on March 7 UTC.

This is no coincidence. The Globalists continue to play their lucky number 7 at the expense of human lives.

They say tragedy occurs in occurs in threes.......we have a few days left in the month of July for such an event to take place.

Know one thing - America is creating all this death and destruction. (Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya,Syria, Ukraine and yes Fukushima). This is a dying country intent on killing everything to save itself. The best we can hope for is that Russia and China will put a stake through the heart of America, its leadership and all government leaders that support its terrorist activities.

This is also serves as a distraction for the Israeli genocide in Gaza. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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