Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Israel – The Iron Dome

Israel – The Iron Dome

The current unrest between Palestine and Israel requires one to reflect on some very serious issues. Israel has bombed over one hundred targets in the Hamas controlled West Bank, killing both women and children.

The irony:
Israel is a global superpower. It ranks in the top five in the world when assessing nuclear capabilities. It has state of the art military weaponry, a formidable air force and one of the most sophisticated anti-missile defense systems – the “Iron Dome”. This system can stop over 90% of all missiles aimed at Israel. Hamas does not have any long-range missiles, so a neutral zone could be easily calculated and the citizens of Israel could be kept safe at all times.
The ongoing annexation of West Bank territory by Israel legitimizes Palestinian attempts to regain it; through whatever means possible. The grand irony is that the West has placed economic sanctions against Russia when Crimea voted independently to cede to Russia – Crimea was not annexed as the Western news propaganda would have you believe.

The conclusion:
Israel is guilty of genocide. Netanyahu, his political following and all military leaders should be tried for genocide and executed for their grand crimes. Israel’s current military position is comparable to the Zulu’s demise in attempting to stop Britain’s military might in 1879.
2.    Any foreign government condoning Israel’s position of genocide should be considered as an accessory to genocide.
The notion that Israel can do whatever it desires to justify the current genocide, because of its own groundless conclusions about the World War II holocaust, is absurd. The truth is that Jews were complicit in the murder of over 100,000,000 African Blacks and Aboriginals across both Americas, and owned 2/3 of all Confederate Slaves. I do not believe any Jewish scholar would deny this. In fact, the Holocaust Industry is ridiculed by both Finkelstein and Chomsky, two notable Jewish scholars. Highly regarded pre-WWII Jewish almanacs make the 6,000,000 number absolutely groundless. The truth about the so-called Holocaust lies in a nondescript 3-story building in Germany. There, every Nazi record is kept secret.
The current genocide is comparable to the Israeli chemical attack in Jenin in 2002, when hundreds, if not thousands, of men, women and children were killed by chemical weapons. The Western media did a great job of suppressing the truth.
Most Israelis do not agree with the current Apartheid government in Israel, and would rather seek a path to peace.
Fanaticism and terrorism across the Middle East is none more than America and its allies sponsoring and controlling mercenary upheaval. Muslims who have joined these rouge mercenary armies are condemned killers/prisoners, marginalized individuals who seek to profit via a very misleading propaganda, and fanatics who seek to find a controlling position amid the game of terror and chaos.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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