Monday, July 7, 2014

Prostitution in Canada – Harper and MacKay are complete idiots!!!!!!

Prostitution in Canada – Harper and MacKay are complete idiots!!!!!!

Mr. Mackay, I have a contrary opinion to what you stated today.  Prostitution "is" inevitable for many socio-economic and geo-political reasons, and that is exactly why every politically affiliated masonic whore becomes a respected member of our government or affiliated government institution. I view “every” freemason a prostitute, the worshipful master as the pimp, and the entire fraternity as a den of criminals.

How could you criminalize the sexual decisions of consenting adults? What I interpret in your proposal is that you are criminalizing the economic benefit the prostitute receives via the act of sex, and the sexual gratification the other person receives for the payment of such services. Who the f__k made you, or any government, custodian over anyone’s willingness to monetarily benefit from any act of sex, or someone’s willingness to pay for sex?  

You continue to protect the revenue stream of the hidden underground economy, and the non-tax paying criminals who frequent the masonic temples and operate the brothels. In my view, every politician is a prostitute – they bow to the whims of their political or hidden authority, prostituting themselves for careers, jobs and money. If the definition of prostitution is to be broadened to encompass all forms of deviant submissive behavior, then every politician should be in jail.

Decriminalizing prostitution will protect sex workers from deviant pimps and criminals, decrease violence, minimize sexually transmitted diseases, curb human trafficking, monitor under-age or vulnerable sectors, provide sex workers with safe working environments, and most of all, it will generate billions of dollars in income taxes - funds that are now coveted by the black market economy.

Abolishing a profession that is a respected in the upper echelons of government, and has been around since time began, is not only ludicrous, it is insane.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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