Monday, September 15, 2014

A summary of death and chaos

A summary of death and chaos
Letter to Canadian Members of Parliament

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper denounced Monday the widely held view that fearsome new militants in Iraq and Syria have a "root cause" — a stark characterization that questions one reason for his foreign minister's recent trip to Iraq.

In a speech to party faithful, Harper unequivocally branded the al-Qaida splinter group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, as "evil" and "vile," saying it must be opposed.

Harper also reaffirmed the Conservative government's unwavering support of Israel "through fire and water" as he linked the fight against ISIL's extremism to Canada's support for the Jewish state.

Harper also blasted Russian President Vladimir Putin for his continued aggression in Ukraine, and pledged that Canada would loudly brandish its pro-Ukrainian solidarity later this week when President Petro Poroshenko visits Parliament Hill.

A treasonous attack perpetrated by officials of the US government, the government of Great Britain, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This was the onset of global destruction- building the machine of war, chaos, disease, death and hate.  Was Canada aware of this attack – you bet you!

ISI, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas and ISIS
The first three are the creation of the CIA and the latter two the creation of the Mossad and the CIA. ISIS is led by Samuel Elliot – a Mossad Jew.
Israel and the USA colluded to detonate a nuclear bomb that caused the tsunami off the coast of Japan. The genocide in Japan, is now killing the entire world.  I can only refer you the prophetic book entitled the “Lost Book of Enki” authored by Zecharia Sitchin. The hazardous radiation is destroying aquatic life in the Pacific Ocean and impacting the entire Western hemisphere. This attack occurred because Japan refused to give, I repeat, give, the Federal Reserve “one trillion dollars” to salvage its Ponzi scheme and global fraud. To overcome their monumental financial abyss the Federal Reserve began its program of “Quantitative Easing” - a move to pay the interest on the ever-growing debt and bankroll powerful U.S. corporations with FREE money.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine
The wars which stole trillions of dollars of money and gold from Middle-Eastern leaders, who for the most part, had built livable and thriving economies for their nations.  This was unacceptable to the Globalist thieves – especially when Saddam Hussein wanted to abandon the U.S. Dollar Reserve Currency and Gaddafi wanted to introduce a gold dinar to replace the U.S. Dollar as a reserve currency. Mubarak was overthrown to be replaced by the CIA and British Intelligence created Muslim Brotherhood, which failed, and so came the rise of ISIS. Palestine is complete genocide. Israel’s annexation of Palestine is not only a war crime, but this crisis is about OIL. Yes the Palestinian coastline was just discovered to have oil rich reserves.

Greece, Cyprus
These two countries were the victims of an orchestrated financial theft and it also represented a direct attack on Russian wealth. Not to mention that the IMF stole billions of dollars in public assets.

U.S. murder in the first degree. Their motive is to infiltrate and dominate Africa. Impact BRICS dominance and cull the African population. Blacks are still considered slaves by the Elite – dispensable and disposable. We may see deaths in the tens of millions.

Another war initiated by the Mossad and the CIA. Primarily by the Ashke-NAZI Jews who want to re-establish a Khazarian homeland in the Ukraine, as they are not Jews at all – rather assassins and thieves.  A family of notable Khazarians include the Rothschild family. In doing so, they are attempting to start WWIII with Russia. Employing the same tactics the British royals employed in drawing Hitler into war. The real Hitlers were Churchill and the British monarchy – pure EVIL.

Go to my BLOG and read the multiple reasons why this plane was flown to India or Pakistan and why it will eventually resurface as a terrorist weapon.

Crimea and Russian Sanctions
Crimea WAS NOT annexed, but rather voted to join Russia, as did Eastern Ukraine - until CIA mercenary operatives initiated civil war and reversed that reality. They then tried to implicate Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters and the Russian government in the downing of Malaysia Flight MH17.

The controversy and chaos is continually building momentum, and appears never ending.  This is what our Western leaders and Globalist controllers are doing to this world. I did not mention weather weapons (drought, volcanic activity, northern hemisphere freezing and flooding), chem-trails and the immense fraud in the gold and silver markets, as well as the price fixing of oil. The cooling of the Northern hemisphere is in large part attributable to the Gulf Oil Spin. The Corexit used to thin the crude oil gushing into the ocean destroyed the north-flowing warm water escalator.  BP and its sub-contractors also cracked the bed-rock.  This crack is oozing methane into the atmosphere  and creating one of the largest sink-holes in the history of this planet – located in Louisiana.

My question to the Members of Parliament is as follows: why are you allowing Stephen Harper to support and participate in the above crimes? Why are you allowing Baird to be the mouth-piece for a covert, dangerous and genocidal propaganda? These actions and lies expose Canada to the most formidable power in the world today – namely Russia and China. Stephen Harper must be stopped. He is a fully indoctrinated member of the CIA, supporting genocide in Palestine, a scam in the Ukraine and a willing dupe to the fraud in our financial markets. This man is more dangerous than Stalin and Hitler combined, and we know the true Hitlers were Churchill and the British royals.

Sedition and treachery are not prime ministerial characteristics. Harper and Baird represent an ever and growing danger to this nation and they must be stopped.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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