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"The End of Mankind"

Before you read the post by Susan Duclos please read my thoughts on the matter. Then please read the poem I wrote several months ago, at the end of the Susan's post and video:

I agree that technology and those who rule technology will one day rule the world. There is however a flaw in technology’s veneer – technology is still fueled by a man-made power source. It is neither ubiquitous, nor everlasting.

I am one who still believes in the soul. It is a self-contained power source attached to a ubiquitous and eternal Source. That Source can obliterate technology at any time. Furthermore, technology cannot be programmed with free will. Attempting to program Free Will into a trans-humanist creation, would only create a syntax error.

The evolution from humanism to trans-humanism means that the soul would be placed in a state of suspended animation, (i.e. as the soul is indestructible energy) to be awakened when technology can no longer adapt to, or mutate, with Nature. Nature is the key to trans-humanism – Nature is God’s power source.

Joseph Pede

"The End of Mankind" - Hagmann And Hagmann, Zilinsky With Tim Alberino

By Susan Duclos

In the weekend edition of the Hagmann and Hagmann report, hosted by Sheila Zilinsky because Doug Hagmann has become seriously ill, as explained in a previous ANP article, the show is joined by both Dr. Timothy Ball in the first hour and Tim Alberino in the second hour.  In the first hour, Zilinsky and Dr. Ball discuss the climate change chaos as well as the near future water weaponization plans.

In the second hour, which this article covers, Tim Alberino discusses what Zilinsky refers to as "the end of mankind" as we know it, where the Transhumanism agenda is moving forward with the complete erosion of  what we consider "human" in the term human beings.  Post humanism, or as Alberino dubs it, the "New Human Paradigm," where on every single level, including technology, religion, philosophy, occult, the so-called "alien agenda," and more, are all moving us towards one "center," resulting in a frightening reality.

Alberino explains why this topic is so critical about this new technology but more importantly, he explains the ramifications of what is happening right now with the transhumanism agenda.... how we are being programmed, how it is being hyped in the media, movies and in the scientific community.

For those that think this is all some type of conspiracy theory, or something to worry about in the distant future, simply sci-fi.... an explanation of the transhumanism agenda, can be found in an article published just today at the Institute Of Ethics And Emerging Technologies, where the agenda, the thinking of those that welcome and consider the idea "exciting," rather than an affront to our very nature and humanity, is explained clearly in the two quoted paragraphs below:

Central to our thinking, and implicit in the title “evolution and technology,” is the idea – increasingly familiar and plausible – that the human species stands at the threshold of a new form of evolution. This is very different from the slow Darwinian mechanisms of differential survival and reproduction. It is powered, rather, by new technologies that increasingly work their way inward, transforming human bodies and minds. According to this idea, technology can do more than merely give us tools to manipulate the world around us. It can actually alter us, and not just by shaping our neurological pathways when we learn to handle new tools. Our future may, in part, be the product of emerging technologies of human transformation, ranging from genetic engineering to pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement to such radical possibilities as mind uploading and all that it might imply.

This idea of a technologically mediated process of evolution is, of course, familiar to transhumanists, who envisage (and generally welcome) the emergence of intelligences with greater-than-human physical and cognitive capacities. Even outside the transhumanist movement, however, there’s an increasing familiarity with the general idea of a new kind of evolution, no longer the product of Darwinian mechanisms but driven by technology and deliberate choices.

One only has to look at some recent headlines to understand this post-human agenda is being pushed at us from every direction. For example: June 2014 headline from Extreme Tech - "Radical human brain modification using high-powered lasers has been perfected," or how about this headline, same publication "First living thing with ‘alien’ DNA created in the lab: We are now officially playing God." Singularity Hub reports that the US Navy is testing Exoskeletons that will "boost"  worker strength and productivity.

The sci-tech news goes on and on for those that bother to look, but many aren't all that interested in what is happening in the scientific world, but it is news that everyone should be watching, specifically those that claim all this talk of transhumanism is just conspiracy babble.

It isn't.

Alberino is introduced to the show at approximately the 1 hour, 26 minute mark in the video/audio below. This is a show everyone should listen to and understand because Sheila is completely accurate in her statement that this technology which is being worked on right now, is literally the end of mankind as we know it.


The Spiritual Bone
There are profound mysteries in this temporal life
The mind’s eye is as sightless as the indentured wife
Torturous is the realization that the enigmatic whole can never be known
The elixir of life unveils itself only to the One who sits atop the Godly throne
Illustrious philosophers in contemplation tried their best to explain
How to separate the ubiquitous mind from the watery brain
Logical deduction postulated theories attempting to understand the gnawing unknown
The paradox came in knowing that the flesh was in fact detached from the spiritual bone
The Absolute provides no integer for the metaphysical measure
In the “no beginning and the no end” lies the cornucopian treasure
Let the mind rest appreciating that life can never be explained
It is only at death’s door that your curiosity will one day be ordained.
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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