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Michael Joseph Hall was Michael Zehaf Bibeau - But who really is Michael Joseph Hall?


terrCanada’s capital was jolted on Wednesday by the fatal shooting of a soldier and an attack on parliament building in which gunshots were fired outside a room where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking. 

Cohen News Network had its headline blurb ready 

Witnesses said at least 30 shots were fired after a gunman entered the parliament building and was pursued by police. “PM (Harper) was addressing caucus, then a huge boom, followed by rat-a-tat shots. We all scattered. It was clearly right outside our caucus door,” treasury board minister Tony Clement told Reuters.

Dramatic video footage posted by the Globe and Mail newspaper showed police with guns drawn inside the main parliament building. At least a dozen loud bangs can be heard on the clip, echoing through the hallway. Veterans affairs minister Julian Fantino, a former policeman, told the Toronto Sun that parliament’s head of security, Sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers, shot dead a suspected gunman.

Canadian police are investigating a man identified as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as a possible suspect in the shootings on Wednesday around parliament in Ottawa, a source familiar with the matter said.  Police said the male suspect in the attacks was dead but did not confirm he was Zehaf-Bibeau. Some U.S. government sources said the shooter was born Michael Joseph Hall but changed his name to Zehaf-Bibeau.Michael Joseph Hall aka Zehaf-Bibeau had multiple run-ins with Canadian police in the French-speaking province of Quebec. Canada probes Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as possible suspect in Ottawa shooting: source
  •  He was born in Quebec, recently converted to Islam and had his passport seized after being designated a ‘high-risk traveler’ – even though his mother is Deputy Chairperson for the Immigration and Refuge Board of Canada
  • He also had multiple drug and robbery arrests, as well as a weapons charge from 2003  
Strict: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was pulled out of the 'Army-like' $5,000-a-year College Laval private school because of his parents' divorce - a result of his mother's adultery, according to court papers

The picture above is that of Michael Bibeau in school The one below is Bibeau at the shooting One is a chubby almost light brown skinned boy the other a white scraf covered Jewhadi
Gunman: Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Muslim convert who shot dead solider Nathan Cirillo and opened fire on Canadian Parliament 

Heres the story of how THIS particular picture got released to the press

The photo was taken by a tourist as the gunman embarked on his shooting spree, coming around the west side of the monument from the rear.Ottawa police seized the camera, and it is believed an Ottawa police officer took a picture of that picture with a cell phone. Within hours, every Ottawa police officer had a copy of that photograph in their email inboxes.

The photo came to general awareness after Twitter user @ArmedResearch— apparently run by a military historian — tweeted the photo at 4:23 p.m., nearly seven hours after the first shot was fired, saying it had been found on an ISIL-related account. In the lower right corner of the photo, which was initially believed on Twitter to have been first tweeted by ISIL Twitter account@V_IMS, claiming to be a picture of the Ottawa shooting suspect, is the telling rectangular zoom feature of the Blackberry operating system.See The face of terror: Picture of suspect taken by tourist
@ArmedResearch and @V_IMS both  sound suspiciously like a twitter handles run by the Mossad front SITES lead by that incredibly ugly woman Rita Katz
That picture of Micheal Joseph Hall  which reinforces every image of the “Islamic terrorist”is all Ive found on the net No pictures of him Michael Hall with a Dog or playing catch with his real biological father Mr Hall
Mother: CTV News reports that Zehaf-Bibeau's mother is Susan Bibeau, who works for the Immigration and Refuge Board of Canada

The Chubby lady above is Susan Bibeau Micheal Bibeau”s mother She holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the Université de Montréal, a Master of Business Administration from Concordia University, and a graduate certificate in business administration from the Public Administration University.A look on the Immigration and Refuge Board of Canada site does show a Susan Bibeau, whose title is listed as DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON, IMMIGRATION DIVISION. She remarried a Libyan businessman named Bulgasem Zehaf who once owned a local restaurant, Cafe Tripoli.SEE Pictured: Recent Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau who shot dead a solider and opened fire on Canadian Parliament.Michael Joseph Hall”s mother had not seen him for the last five years but had lunch with him just a week before the shooting  Id say that is strange spooky and false flagish
No one seems to have any idea who the Original Mr Jones was or what he did For example did he work for the CIA or Mossad ? Was he Jewish ? No luck on any info on Michael Joseph Halls BIOLOGICAL FATHER lots of stuff on his MUSLIM LIBYAN  step father

The attacks in Ottawa and in Quebec took place as the Canadian government prepared to BOOST THE POWERS OF ITS SPY AGENCY , the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Public Safety Minister Stephen Blaney said last Thursday the new legislation would let the agency track and investigate potential terrorists when they travel abroad and ultimately prosecute them.Canada’s parliament attacked: Firing outside room where PM Stephen Harper was speaking



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