Tuesday, October 14, 2014

To: Canadian Members of Parliament, the Canadian Senate and EU Diplomats

To: Canadian Members of Parliament, the Canadian Senate and EU Diplomats
       Sent via email under separate cover

The Canadian Government and Stephen Harper are Complicit in Fraud and Genocide

1.     Canada, as did many European countries, supported Israeli genocide in Gaza. The end result - more land annexation and occupation for Israel and a $20 billion Holocaust for the Palestinians. http://rt.com/uk/195800-duncan-israeli-settlements-speech/  How could we possibly hold Putin culpable when Crimea voted to become part of Russia as did East Ukraine. I suggest all of you read “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man” by John Perkins.
The Ukrainian Civil War comes on the heels of Vladimir Putin ex-communicating the Rothschild Family from Russia and shutting down their Central Banking System. Ukraine is also a portal for Russian gas, and the ancient home of Ashke-NAZI Jews better known as Khazarians who originate from the Ukraine and want to re-establish a stronghold in that country. Pro-Russian rebels are in combat with European and Israeli mercenaries. The war was started to isolate Russia and it did not work. It just strengthened ties between Russia and China, reinforced the BRICS Alliance, and it will cost the EURO economy over $40 billion in lost trade. Germany, France and Great Britain are poised to join the BRICS and abandon the EURO in the near future. An Italian movement has begun to drop the EURO altogether.  Poland and Bulgarian political leaders have been threatened and paid off by the CIA for their indefensible position.
3.     Switzerland is voting on the introduction of a gold backed currency at the end of November, 2014. How will the central bankers react to such a vote?  They killed both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi when they attempted to flee from the American dollar and/or introduce a gold dinar in their economies and throughout Africa.  Russia and China have amassed huge amounts of gold reserves in the past two years alone. A gold bullion exchange has just opened in Shanghai and the Western economies have “NO GOLD”.  The decade long controlled paper pricing of gold and silver is about to die when China and Russia double or triple the market price of gold and silver. This might happen by the end of 2014, if not a certainty for 2015. It will launch a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET (GCR).  A topic I have emailed you about long ago. This will no doubt test Bail-in legislation and Stephen Harper’s credibility. Someone I don’t trust at all and neither did Minister Flaherty. That is why he was killed.
4.     The Muslim Brotherhood was a creation of the CIA and MI6. It failed miserably in attempting to destabilize the Middle East. Its ultimate goal was Syria and Iran. Because this process failed the Mossad deployed HAMAS (created by the Mossad) to destroy Palestine and then Israel, the CIA, Saudi Arabia put the entire system on steroids in attempting to destabilize Iraq and now Syria by creating ISIS. They could not get rid of Assad through assassination and deception so ISIS was given birth. The acronym (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) or its roots in Egyptology/Freemasonry make one only want to laugh – if it was not so tragic.
5.     Oil prices have been lowered not because of weakened demand but rather to diminish Russian oil revenue. Russia is the biggest exporter of oil, a major gas provider, it has the largest quantity of the purest unmined diamonds in the world, the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and NATO is trying to piss them off. Stephen Harper is at the helm of Western propaganda and treason. NATO as is the American dollar is dying. How many lives must be extinguished before it is put to rest?
6.     Ebola has been created, but it is a controlled “FALSE FLAG” event. The objective is global fear and ultimately the introduction of a global vaccination initiative. Big Pharma will make billions and billions will die from a deadly nanotechnology laced vaccine.  Please read about Canada’s contribution: http://josephpedepoetry.blogspot.ca/2014/10/canadian-ebola-vaccine-to-be-shipped.html  NATO soldiers will be the first recipients of this deadly vaccine.  Africa is also a major trading partner of China and a resource filled slave continent – the chains have been rendered invisible.  Destabilizing Africa is an attempt to destabilize Chinese investment in Africa. It won’t work either.
7.     Rabbi Yitzach Kaduri , whom I have already mentioned in my BLOG post, http://josephpedepoetry.blogspot.ca/2012/02/rabbi-yitzchak-kaduri-reveals-secret.html  prognosticated that the year in which Ariel Sharon died, a major event would occur. Ariel Sharon died January 11, 2014 and the Georgia Guidestones have been mysteriously updated with the year 2014. Rabbi Kaduri was and is considered one of Israel’s greatest religious minds. He died by saying that Jesus was truly the Son of God.

For those of you who prefer to sit back and watch treason, murder, assassination, hate and disease ravage this planet and the children of God, you will have a long stay in Hell, because Hell is real. I refer you to the Book of Enoch.

Have a wonderful evening,
Joseph Pede

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