Tuesday, November 11, 2014

11th of November

11th of November

To all those who died in vain
To all the living who now live in pain
On this day when we remember destruction and war
To our soldiers and their regimental corps
Your sacrifice we grieve every 11th of November
Pomp and ceremony is the way in which we choose to remember
Know your loss was not in vain
Your death a mere consequence for the royals that reign
Rest comfortably in the graves queued to eerily perfection
Upon them white crosses cast a curious reflection
We await to salute you in one year hence
As war rages we will do our best to add to your mounting expense

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

I hope in time we will have the courage to eradicate and execute the vermin who sacrifice our young men and women so that they may enjoy their royal feast. I curse them as they have cursed all humanity. Royals are the cockroaches, undertakers and parasites of hate and death.  War is their weapon of control. On the 11th I remember the snake-eyed reptilians who rejoice in our demise.

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