Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Conundrum

The Conundrum

How will our leaders appease humans in a world devoid of work and money, where science and technology have rendered humanity superfluous and a Divine Authority has been made to be an imperceptible possibility?

Science has filled its belly, political systems are completely corrupted and war as a solution to every impasse has become a tiresome strategy,

The conundrum is not one of a planetary real estate availability to house all of humanity, or our ability to generate enough food products or food substitutes to feed them, but rather how to place society in a state of suspended animation, where rules, laws, morals and ethics will be pre- programmed into the human form via the advances we have achieved in science and technology. Rendering the fat of humanity as the gratuitous by-product of over-breeding is proving to be a challenging task.

Human beings in ceding to mainstream political rhetoric are starting to question the reasons behind the litany of the never ending chaos. Simple words have managed to instill fear and hate on a grand scale. Words such as terror, terrorism, radicalization, resolve and Muslim are significantly and negatively impacting global consciousness.

Trans-humanism as an emerging ideology will spell the certain demise of the penis and pussy, and make possible the calm the Globalists seek. It will also make the study of etymology obsolete.

You must come terms with the fact that we have long passed 1984, entered naively into a brave new world, and we now find ourselves penned in a very unwelcoming and unsustainable animal farm.  Satan has wholly undermined human creation by strategically placing it at the precipice of extinction, and from a perceptible perspective, Satan has successfully detached the Divine from our psyche.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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