Saturday, December 27, 2014

Devil's Jewels

Devil’s Jewels

The secrets of the ancients continue to remain hidden
With God our interaction is strictly forbidden
Vigilant Angels swirl about in their cloak of invisibility
Keeping apart the living from the ghosts of the epiphany

Pyramid builders stay silent in the pharaoh’s death chamber
Emptied Sarcophagi provide a clueless remainder
Hieroglyph adorned temples offering only rhetoric to modern man
Revealing few details of the Master’s Creation plan

Ancient Atlantis vanished into the realm of mystery
Millennia of knowledge succumb to a devastatingly tragic history
The Sumerians did their best to explain
Of Heaven, intervention and of a Godly domain

Ah but we are such fools
Forgoing everlasting life for the Devil’s jewels
Nephilim trickery would have us join them in a fiery Hell
Do you still remain under Satan’s spell?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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