Saturday, December 6, 2014

Farrakhan and Putin

RE: Farrakhan and Putin
To: Canadian Parliamentarians

It is mind-boggling that so many of you sit at your parliamentary pews submitting gleefully to the politics of each of your respective party leaders.  You have been selected, not elected, to become critics of an opposing party’s prevailing ideology, or pew-warmers. Your “raison d'ĂȘtre” as a politician has nothing to do with the well-being of Canadian citizens, but rather your own personal well-being. You remind me of Orion’s dog Sirius as he was described in Homer’s Iliad:

Orion's Dog they call it, brightest
Of all, but an evil portent, bringing heat
And fevers to suffering humanity

At the helm of our Canadian political system sits a madman who has submitted fully to a small uncontrollable faction of lunatics bent on destroying much of humanity. Sadly I see no distinction between each of the party leaders. The solidarity that was projected by all three of them when the false-flag inane terrorist attack on parliament Hill occurred proves one thing – they are all in on it! The only act of terrorism is your submission in accepting this grand fraud being perpetrated on the people of Canada.

My reason for writing today is that I wish to put forward some interesting news. 2015 will be unlike many years we have seen in quite some time. Remarkably, one of the most truthful theologians I know has been ear-marked as a radical by many governments. One might say that Louis Farrakhan may have even been involved or helped orchestrate the assassination of Malcolm X. But his enlightenment since that time makes one believe that the tremendous guilt he feels is expressed in his total devotion to God and his people. You may not know it, but Mr. Farrakhan has just opened a Pandora’s Box - one that will certainly lead to race riots in the USA, and perhaps seal the early fate of Barack “Barry Soetoro” Obama.

Obama may best be described as a former CIA drug mule, male prostitute, drug addict, disbarred lawyer, Kenyan born fraud, and whose marriage to Mister Michelle makes him the perfect Manchurian subject. How else could one erase the litany of horrors that have been unleashed by the U.S. government? The opposition around the world is growing and he may be the only individual who could take the fall for the few who sit at the pinnacle of this lunacy.

Mr. Farrakhan opens his sermon in the attached video by referring to the “Giants in the days of Moses…..”.  The Giants were the Gatekeepers, Archons, Fallen Angels, Sons of God or Aliens – you choose your pill. I wrote a poem in 2010 speaking of the Gatekeepers and the rise of ISIS, perhaps you would like to read it. I have attached the poem to the end of this email. For the moment please listen to Mr. Farrakhan:

Now we come to Vladimir Putin, perhaps the only true leader left in the world today. One who continues to contain the truth, not for the benefit of Russia, but rather for the world.  The truth would be rendered absurd by Western media, and its credibility challenged by the ignorance of Western society. There are four major events which have stirred the ire of the Bear; i) this week the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation essentially declaring war on Russia, ii) Israeli and American interests led by the CIA and Mossad have usurped Ukraine in an attempt to stir global conflict, iii) illogical and illegal Crimea-based sanctions are impacting the Russian economy adversely, as is iv) currency manipulation of the ruble and the artificial fall of the barrel price of oil. Oil is obviously Russia’s major source of income, as it is the global leader in oil production.

Mr. Putin made two very important announcements. The first was that the world could not financially survive a barrel price of oil fell if it fell below $80.00. The second was this past week when he tabled Russia’s 2015 Budget:

President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed into law a 15.5 trillion ruble ($290 billion) budget for next year that only balances with global oil prices averaging $100 a barrel……Russia is one of the world's largest exporters of oil and natural gas, and the government depends on energy for about half of its revenues. However, oil prices have plunged about 40 percent since a June high of $115 dollars a barrel. Every $1 drop in global oil prices deprives the state of about $2 billion……..The Economic Development Ministry predicts oil prices will average $80 a barrel next year.”

Mr. Putin did not table a budget, he tabled a warning. Need I say more?  I have attached another poem I wrote in early 2011. It is entitled Dragon and Bear.

As a side-note, your focus should not be on jobs, but rather i) how to construct a society when there will be no jobs, and ii) how do we contain Artificial Intelligence and Technology  so that we do not fabricate our own extinction.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Merry Christmas

The Gatekeepers
Sept 6, 2010

Isis Unveiled, the Gatekeepers turn silent the alarm
The Lesser Keys of Solomon evoked to work their magical charm
Thirty Three degrees, then Osiris from slumber awakes at the mid-night
A Forty Fourth disciple secretly inaugurated by the same Satanic rite

Ars Goetia, free from the brass vessel blows the Shophar
Prophetic wonder brings credence to the mystical Zohar
The Marquis Shax, the Shakespearian stage he does grace in Storkish fashion
Secretly politicizing his contempt for Christian compassion

In grand entrance Count Andromalius appears atop the seventy second wrung
I am the last, in heinous laughter, he stands bellowing with serpent’s tongue
To you, I present him, who bears the number six hundred three score and six
The Gospels and Sethur are folly compared to his bag of tricks

The Fallen Angel proclaims that the Obelisk in Rome falls short in his desire
Within the House of the Temple and Horace he so chooses to retire
Their the seventh Seale hones his craft
Sacrifice and Black Mass re-enacted according to ancient hieroglyphic draft

The Beast, his public role he eagerly awaits
Of Jesus and His story his armies stand ready to desecrate
In his honour a new Temple to be formed with ashen earth
Its corner stone lays dormant in the land Magna Carta has been given rebirth

The immortals to a place of honour they now return
Cagliastro, St. Germaine, Fulcanelli, in laughter share a pint from an alchemic urn
The Bennu joyously frolic in the Bohemian Gardens
The Corporation and Earthly Evil holding hands with Satanic pardons

For the two men who mock the ``little people``
We beseech Oh Lord, drape their blackened souls from the highest Church steeple
For those who protect their criminal acts
We beseech Oh Lord, their severed heads let redden the Angels of Heaven`s axe.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Dragon and Bear

Mar 23, 2011

Ominously glaring down from a mountainous gorge
Talons piercing the dirt beneath it
Bellowing fire creates steam atop the dancing Yangtze
Enduring is its power over the mighty waters below

Across the valley a thundering roar
Footsteps mimic the sounds of a quaking earth
Piercing eyes radiate a fearless calm
Power and patience reflecting from each mighty fang

The prodigious Dragon deliberate in its response
Ursus clandestinely camouflaging its mighty strength
The two meet in the land of the Great Khan
There the spirit of Temujin unites the two great powers

Cossack and Mongol transformed to one mighty beast
Careful is their watch over the famished eagle
Flying lost in its attempt to place a deadened quarry to the ground
Peace in the distance awaits the fall of the tragic bird.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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