Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Letter to Mr. Stephen Harper

Dear Mr. Harper:

I think it is obscene that we have allowed Stephen Harper to make an emotional spectacle of himself on national television. His nonsensical verbal condemnation of terror, radicalization and the ever-increasing loss of life throughout the Middle East and Africa is an attack on our intellectual capacity.

Mr. Harper, whom do you believe attacked Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Palestine and indirectly Egypt? They were the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and a NATO coalition for which Canada either participated or covertly applauded. How dare you go on national television and express sorrow – you are a dangerous hypocrite who should stand trial for war crimes. Millions of unnamed men, women and children have perished in the past decade. Their bodies have been blown to bits, grotesquely executed or simply killed for the fun of it. Their demise proves one thing, that we have completely lost our sense of humanity.  How can Western media completely ignore their suffering and only accentuate the loss of one life at home, and that one loss of life I attribute to treason and conspiracy. You are a fraud Mr. Harper.

YOUR government has helped spread hate and death, division and fear, chaos and propaganda, all for the purpose of achieving a clandestine one world order. Your “security agenda” is another grand fraud. The people of Canada need to know more about you, because there is a great deal that scares me about you.

Why this nation has allowed you to decapitate our belief in equity and dismember all the good things we once stood for is beyond me.  Canada was once a great nation, whose defense of injustice was admired throughout the world. Now we have become a nation of killers, liars and rogues.

On this Christmas I pray that all the people we have murdered in the Middle East can forgive us, and I pray the hate that we have unearthed between Islam and Christianity survives your test of treason.

Merry Christmas,
joseph Pede

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