Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Pope and Cuba, and Obama Too

The Pope and Cuba, and Obama Too

Reflect carefully on this newest game-changer. While Cuba’s long-term relationship with Russia may be put on ice for reasons that appear completely invisible, they will not be severed. Cuba will continue to serve as a military outpost for the Russian military, at least until a certain level of trust between the American and Cuban governments can be re-established. Re-unification after five decades is not as easy as one might think.

Geo-politically this is a great chess move, but I do not believe this has anything to do with re-strengthening economic ties with Cuba. Early this year Russia forgave almost all of the debt it was owed by Cuba, and made it known that it was to open a new spy-facility south of Havana. Cuba will become fertile ground for the newest cold-war to brew. This may explain the ongoing popularity of Ian Fleming's 007.

But what about Guantanamo Bay? In 1934 the United States and Cuba re-negotiated the Guantanamo Bay lease, agreeing that the land would revert to Cuban control only if abandoned or by mutual consent. Will this provide the opportunity for the US military to gracefully leave the region.  After all, the HAARP created earthquake in Haiti gave the Bush-Clinton-CIA faction all the time they needed to build an alternative covert base – where do think the billions donated actually went? They stole it of course.

But the Pope, how does he figure in all of this? First you must consider that he has become the most powerful Pope since September 27, 1540 – the formation date of the Society of Jesus. This Pope has unified both the White and Black factions within the Church, to the knowledge of very few. This year the reigning Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolás Pachón, announced his retirement with no intended replacement - this the first time since 1540.

If you don’t believe the Vatican Jesuits run the world you better start believing it. Russia is not playing ball in the formation of a one world order religion with the proposed ecumenical reforms. Cuba was a poke at this stubborn Bear's side.

Don’t mistake Pope Francis as an awkward, jolly and out of touch patriarch of the world. The naivety he projects is his greatest strength. This Pope has only one “bull” of consequence to issue during the length of his papacy, and that is the re-consecration of Russia, the re-subjugation of China and the establishment of a one world religion under the control of a very special visitor which he will announce at the appropriate time. Here is a hint. Look at the Republican banner and how it changed pre and post George W Bush. The five pointed star has been inverted. It is now symbolic of Satan or the goat’s head. The Bush family control the USA and the CIA, and the Vatican controls them both. Very, very interesting times.


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