Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Synopsis for Falling Oil Prices

I, like many, may have concluded that sanctions against Russia were complimented by the Western Cabal’s manipulation of the barrel price of oil, but what if Russia, China, Iran and even Saudi Arabia colluded to destabilize the U.S. petrodollar and Western oil-based economies. What would this mean for Russia, China, Iran and the Saudis:

1.       China will amass huge amounts of cheap oil and unload U.S. treasuries in the buying process
2.       These four players could destabilize marginal oil producers (all essentially controlled by the USA) like Nigeria
3.       Destroy the fracking craze in North America, and limit output in North America, making oil self-sufficiency a dream
4.       Directly attack Canada’s oil industry for Harper’s rude stance with Putin
5.       By destabilizing the price of oil it would force investors to seek safety in the bullion markets – i.e. gold and silver
6.       With gold and silver increasing in value, it would at some point allow the BRICS to peg a new currency to the bullion values and destroy the U.S. Dollar
7.       The U.S. dollar remains strong not because it is the currency of choice, but rather to give China, the Saudis and even Japan the opportunity to rid themselves of highly valued U.S. treasuries
8.       It will give Putin immense bargaining power when negotiating oil needs in Europe and Eastern Europe
9.       The fall of the EURO is a greater possibility with Switzerland’s action to de-peg the franc from the EURO
10.   With countries devaluing their currency to remain competitive, America’s expensive dollar and economy will continue to rot
11. The genocide in Gaza was in part to steal the massive oil find off the coast of Palestine from the Palestinians. Putin may have just hung the Zionists in Israel.
12. Cheap oil also leaves Israel or the Mossad's ISIS force wanting for more money to buy arms. They after all secured many oil wells in Iraq and Syria, but falling oil prices means they will have to secure more money. Thus ransoming two Japanese citizens for $200 million.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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