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Rothschild Family Acquired Charlie Hebdo in December 2014 - Paris Attack was Mossad

Madame Rothschild — “I Know who was behind the Paris Attacks!”

Madame Rothschild tells Lasha Darkmoon in a private email that the Charlie Hebdo affair was a Mossad operation.

. . . by Ellie Katsnelson

Paris attacks: France to deploy 10,000 security forces around the country  (See here)
Brief introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon: I have just received an electrifying email from my friend Ellie Katsnelson, aka Madame Rothschild, a German aristocrat of Rothschild parentage who has fallen out with her “family” after certain traumatic events during her adolescence, including the mysterious death of her mother in the Swiss Alps in 1989 (See her mini-biography below).  

The email was sent to me on Sunday, January 11, 2015 5:56 AM, i.e., yesterday. I transcribe it exactly as written, except for one or two minor alterations in the interests of extra clarity.  
Reader, you must make up your own mind if there is any truth in these chilling revelations. I myself remain undecided, as is my custom, preferring to keep an open mind until the facts have been clearly established.

Email from Ellie Katsnelson

Dear Lasha,

I won’t write to the  Comments section of your website, as you suggest, because I cannot help feeling that it is juvenile to do so. But this I will say most emphatically, based on my private sources, for as you know, I am a resident of France and have many friends in high places in Paris and elsewhere: not only do I believe that the Paris circus was not done by the Muslims, I actually know for a certainty that it was not.

Muslims had nothing—I repeat, nothing—whatever to do with the carnage that took place in Paris last week.

A few young ladies whom I know and who are active in the Palestinian movement—with your own countryman, George Galloway, I believe—explained everything to me two days ago. This whole event was organized in Brussels. Even Ahmed Merabet, the first French policeman purportedly shot dead, is actually not a Muslim at all: his real name is Avigdor, and his brother’s name is Maloch, recently changed to Melek—all of them crypto-Jews in the service of  Israeli intelligence, i.e., Mossad agents.

Avigdor is in Buenos Aires right now, and will remain there for six years, a standard operating procedure with those deep in Israeli  psyops. After this he will resurface with a new identity, by which time of course the populace will have forgotten all about the Paris attacks.

Remember Gladio? Well, if you don’t, you don’t have to—as you are living through it right now.
Lasha, I am well known for being able to chatter on endlessly and to write even at greater length, so this is all for now. I will write you an email sometimes in March when I return to France and the UK from Sydney. Hopefully, there will be no more pussyfooting around, and we can sit down and enjoy a glass of wine together, as befits two queens: one a drama queen (me), the other a mystery queen (you). :)

That’s all, dear.  Bye for now and keep well. I’ve missed you.

Ellie K

P.S. Regarding the Paris farce. I forgot to mention the amount such players get paid. It is 666,000 euros or dollars, depending on the country the event is staged in. The amount may seem random and insignificant to you, but once you know how important numerology and signs are to the Kabalistic Jews, things begin to make sense.

Moreover, the number SIX features again, you will notice, as that is the number of years during which the commandos carrying out the operation  are not allowed to resurface. They have to lie low for six years, living lives of impeccable respectability under their newly invented personas.  When they finally emerge into the full light of day, it is never in the country where they performed their original theatrics.

Thus Avigdor, the ”hero” of the Paris op,  and all the rest of his accomplices in crime, will start a new life elsewhere: with a new identity, new papers, a new passport—even a nice new house provided. Everything else will be given to these operatives to enable them to make a fresh start in life, including a wife or partner who is also an undercover agent. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is left to chance.

MaskedELLIE KATSNELSON (pen name):  Born in February of the year 1970, of a good family on my mother’s side, I come from an old German family of the branch of Kleists, who hail from Dresden, though the earliest ancestor of ours to whom I was able to trace our connection was in fact from Bonn. My mother was the daughter of Kristian Kleist, who was the owner of quite a few estates, which later passed first to my mother and then to me.

My mother’s bequest made a huge accession to my small fortune, and ever since I have supported my life entirely by this. By marriage my mother became immensely wealthy, judging by any standard, though her sobriety and goodness were never once impaired by her newly gained astonishing wealth.

In 1989, in a manner most callous, my mother was taken away from me in a mountain in Europe in what appeared to be an accident, but which was soon discovered to have been a carefully devised and executed plot to remove her from life. As I have often found my emotional life without her to be insupportable, and as my grief for her remains unabated, I have decided to steadily pursue those who were responsible for her death, and hope that one day will bear witness to the downfall of those who have made it their life’s duty to bring about and bear witness to the downfall of the world.

I live in Europe, chiefly in a small country house in France, where I have spent by far the most agreeable part of my life, though I often go over to London, where I first learned to speak English, and where I have few friends and some insubstantial real estate. I am not a globe trotting businesswoman, and I do not owe my wealth to my talents. With this last, I have not been equipped. I am, however, independent, determined, and not at all inclined to smile or view with favour those who have tried to make my life unbearable. I hope that my possible future appearance here [on this website] is met with a slightly warmer reception than it once was when I first appeared, for we should all really strive to make more friends than enemies in life.

Certain legal restrictions prohibit me from divulging at this stage more information about myself and my mother, much as I would like to, and so I hope this suffices.

Thank you.
Ellie K



Second Attachment:

Rothschild family and the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo // CC -BY WIlhelm of Pax
According to reports; the Dutch business magazine "quota" states the Rothschild banking family took over the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The editors of the magazine Critical religion was attacked on 01/07/2015 by several Islamist bombers, 13 people died, including the chief editor of the magazine. According to "rate" there had been discussions about the acquisition of the business have been shrouded in secrecy within the family to avoid conspiracy theories, ultimately they would opt for a takeover:
“My uncle Baron Edouard de Rothschild had some serious objections to the takeover. Some relatives had wanted to block the purchase, because that would make us as a political force to be reckoned with in the media. We want to avoid that at all costs as we have nothing to do with politics. Ultimately, the critics within the family were overruled."
The interview was about the purchase of the French newspaper "Liberation" , which is now an associated business with the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Here, a very sum was spent. The magazine was launched on Wednesday with a million copies and reached worldwide fame. Philippe de Rothschild was mentioned in "quota" during December, that he had a majority stake in the newspaper in which the Charlie Hebdo Editor is employed. The interview was published on 18/12/2014 .
Rothschild is the name of a Jewish family whose roots can be traced back 1500 from documented records in Germany. Its members have been known since the 18th century, mainly as bankers. They were among the 19th century's most influential and important financiers of European countries. The parent company of the banking business was M A Rothschild & Sons in Frankfurt; the family continues to serve on various successor institutions in the banking business, mainly in investment banking and asset management. Today the banking family plays a much smaller Roll. The banks and institutions that are still family owned, are little more contiguous and form little market share. Nevertheless, the family is one of the richest in the world 
Medienbericht: Rothschild-Familie übernahm Charlie Hebdo im Dezember
Laut Berichten des niederländischen Wirtschaftsmagazins “Quote” hat die Bankiersfamilie Rothschild das französische Satiremagazin Charlie Hebdo übernommen. Die Redaktion des Religionskritischen Magazins war am 7.01.2015 von mehreren Islamistischen Attentätern angegriffen worden. Dabei starben 13 Menschen, darunter der Chefredakteur des Magazins. Laut “Quote” hätte es innerhalb der von Verschwörungstheorien umwobenen Familie Diskussionen über die Übernahme der Verlegschaft gegeben, letztendlich hätte man sich aber für eine Übernahme entschieden.
“Von meinem Onkel Baron Edouard de Rothschild gab einige erhebliche Einwände gegen die Übernahme Einige Verwandte wollte den Kauf blockieren , Weil das uns in den Medien zu einer politischen Kraft machen würde. Wir wollen das auf jeden Fall vermeiden. Wir haben nichts mit Politik zu tun. Letztlich wurden die Kritiker in der Familie überstimmt. “
Im Interview ging es um den Kauf der französischen Tageszeitung “Liberation”, die nun auch die Satirezeitschrift Charlie Hebdo mitverlegt. Dabei sei eine Millionensumme aufgewendet worden. Das Magazin startete am Mittwoch mit einer Millionenauflage und erreichte weltweite Bekanntheit. Philippe de Rothschild hat laut “Quote” seit Dezember eine Mehrheitsbeteiligung an der Zeitung, in der nun auch die Charlie Hebdo Redaktion untergebracht ist. Das Interview wurde am 18.12.2014 veröffentlicht.
Rothschild ist der Name einer jüdischen Familie, deren Stammreihe sich in Deutschland ab 1500 urkundlich belegen lässt. Ihre Mitglieder sind seit dem 18. Jahrhundert vor allem als Bankiers bekannt geworden. Sie zählten im 19. Jahrhundert zu den einflussreichsten und wichtigsten Finanziers europäischer Staaten. Das Stammhaus des Bankgeschäfts war M. A. Rothschild & Söhne in Frankfurt; die Familie ist weiterhin über verschiedene Nachfolgeinstitute im Bankgeschäft tätig, hauptsächlich im Investmentbanking und der Vermögensverwaltung. Heute spielt die Bankiersfamilie eine weitaus geringere Rollte. Die Banken und Institute, die noch in Familienbesitz sind, sind kaum mehr zusammenhängend und bilden nur wenig Marktanteil aus. Trotzdem gehört die Familie zu einer der reichsten der Welt.
Quellen: (sources) 
Quote: “DE ROTHSCHILD’S DRUKKEN CHARLIE HEBDO: ’WIJ TWIJFELDEN OF WE KRANT MOETEN UITGEVEN”, 9.01.2015,, zuletzt eingesehen am 19.01.2015.
Quote: “Mensen blijven altijd jaloers” (ausführliches Interview), 12.12.2014,, zuletzt eingesehen am 19.01.2015.


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