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The Pilgrims - One of the "MOST" Secret Societies

The Pilgrims - Exposed by Charles Savoie

http://dont-tread-on.me/?p=3191 Chris Duane (“Silver Shield”) remarked--- “Charles Savoie has put together an incredible piece called the Silver Stealers about the true history of the Elite bankers control over silver. This well documented magnus opus of silver history is a must read for anyone who is doubtful of the true role silver will play in our future. This is the most complete history of the secret role the Elite have played in the suppression of silver. Their goal is to secretly steal the wealth of the world. Their game is a multi-faceted plan that spans over a century. The Elite take real assets and give us paper assets. With our debt/money system they will seize our real assets when we cannot pay our paper debts. Their secret plan is only effective when people unsuspectingly play their role and invest in paper assets. The Silver Stealers is an incredible compendium of information that people must read. Please spread this article around and take time to read this huge free article.”

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Field Marshal
Earl Roberts VC
1832-1914, First President of the Pilgrims

picture of first president of the pilgims lord roberts
The Pilgrims of Great Britain and its sister society, the Pilgrims of the United States, are the two oldest and most prestigious Anglo-American organisations on both sides of the Atlantic. Over more than a century the Pilgrims have played a very important role in cementing good relations between the two countries, and have acted as one of the principal custodians of what has come to be known as the Special Relationship.

While visits to places of interest, often with an American connection, have continued to occupy an important place in the calendar, periodic receptions at Winfield House as guests of the American Ambassador have helped to strengthen the unique Anglo-American relationship.

Under the Presidency of Admiral Lord Boyce and the Chairmanship of Mr Ronald M Freeman, the Pilgrims of Great Britain look forward with continuing enthusiasm to a challenging future.
Promoting Anglo-American Good Fellowship 

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