Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am Stephen Harper

I am Stephen Harper

I am woman hear me roar
Oops, I came in through the wrong door
I am Stephen Harper hear me thunder
About your safety I always wonder

For what is a hockey puck without a stick
The same as a mule without a dick
For what is a beaver without a dam
The same as a Prince Edward Islander without a yam

I am Stephen Harper hear me bellow
Terror, terror you are voting conservative young fellow
I am here to protect you all
When I am done, you will be as sheep in a smelly stall

For what is a Mountie without a horse
The same as Dudley Do-right with no animation force
For what is maple syrup without the maple leaf
The same as Robert Stanfield without a brief

I am Stephen Harper and I will be king
This I was promised a fortnight ago by George Bushy in an Elizabethan fling
So bow you peasants when I pass
You Canadian fools are ready to be lumped into one subservient class

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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