Thursday, February 26, 2015

Movie Madness and Bill C51

Movie Madness and Bill C51

Is it not amazing that our governments can detect, track radicalized individuals all over the world, know their constant whereabouts, and christen them with identifying monikers, yet we can’t seem to prevent SINGULAR terrorist attacks at home? This strange phenomenon is true for Canada, the USA, Australia and Europe. These terrorist attacks are nothing more than intelligence “false-flag” events intended on bolstering national security.  A fraudulent security bent on imprisoning this planet and keeping the real terrorists in power – royals, politicians, bankers and CEOs. These individuals have committed so many crimes that the only way of protecting their criminality is to enslave the rest of us. How else could they prevent from being executed for their respective crimes against humanity?

You know, when I was a lot younger, I had a few actors that were my heroes. One of them was Errol Flynn. Captain Blood and Robin Hood still remain my favorite movies today. Both presented a righteous or noble man who fought for injustice at the risk of losing everything he had acquired. Another was Clint Eastwood. I loved him in the roles of the Good, Bad and the Ugly, and Kelly’s Heroes. The latter, to a greater extent, focused on Mankind’s lust for greed regardless of events that were transpiring around him. To understand the murder of Gaddafi and Hussein you must understand Kelly’s Heroes and put all the elitist cockroaches in Kelly’s place.

Then there was Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. In that time, the movie served to illustrate racism, injustice and hate - today men of all colors have become targets of hate because of who they are, what they say or represent, what religion they practise and yes, so too the color of their skin. We kill anyone today because social upheaval and created villains present the opportunistic and financially rewarding business of war.

Then there was Jimmy Stewart in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The unlikely hero who made a difference by standing up to the real and hidden powers that break the will of ordinary men and women.

It is Mr. Smith I remind you of today, because each and every one of you represent that power, and help shield the greater hidden power that is attempting to crush humanity today. We do not have to play the role of Sherlock Holmes as did Basil Rathbone, to know that clandestine malevolence is at play in our world today, or that individuals such as Stephen Harper are dirty and corrupt politicians. Harper has sold his soul to become one of Satan’s disciples. A follower of George H.W. Bush’s CIA, of the KOCH family empire, and royal filth that continues to suppress humanity by pitting us one against the other.

You can put an end to the fantasy and bring back old fashioned values – morals, ethics, justice and God. You serve one Master and it is not Stephen Harper. I wonder what will become of Mike Duffy and Col. Russell Williams?

Thank You,
Joseph Pede

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