Sunday, February 1, 2015

Stephen Harper - The Flawed Propagandist

Stephen Harper - The Flawed Propagandist

I propose that the newest legislation is not intended to protect Canadians, but rather to conceal a criminal conspiracy that is propagating hate and division amongst all religions. The false ideologies of terrorism and radicalization have become the mandate for Western media in an attempt to spread fear and chaos throughout the civilized world. 

Each so-called terrorist event appears to suspend a country’s constitution and individual civil liberties. The events are typically tied to one person, someone known to intelligence agencies and in all cases the protagonist is mortally wounded when the event is complete. We see no body, know nothing of the individual or his family, or where the remains are buried. We can ask no questions, evidence is concealed, soon after, the primary incidence disappears into oblivion, while the after-shock of the false flag event impacts our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

We continue to increase security, yet very little happens to prevent these events before they occur.  It only proves one thing, that increased security will yield even less positive results. Intelligence is an excuse for political corruption and the obvious reality that these events are planned and orchestrated by our very own governments. Not unlike “Operation Gladio”.

Harper’s legislation requires that I have no opinion of global events or my political leaders and how I perceive what is transpiring based on information I chose to select or interpret. Harper has introduced communism into our democratic system. This man is a renegade lunatic, and I can only conclude that this public servant’s actions are seditious. He is an elected public servant who is subject to the same laws as all Canadians. My hope is that Mike Duffy exposes Harper for what he truly is - if he does not meet a perilous fate beforehand.

I implore opposition leaders to take legal action against Mr. Harper. This is not a matter for individual Canadians. We cannot allow our country to be overtaken by an individual who takes his marching orders from an outside criminal global Cabal or suffers from psychosis.

I suggest Harper addresses the genocide in our Native communities and the failing Canadian economy rather than attempting to deconstruct our democracy. We must not allow this man to tear down what 30,000,000 plus Canadians have helped build, and are attempting to preserve.
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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