Monday, February 23, 2015

Terror and Radicalization

Terror and Radicalization
To: Canadian MPs and Senators

Going forward this year, western governments and the news media will make public more and more terrorist plots against our nations. All these terrorist organizations are the primary creation of the CIA and Mossad – they include ISIS, Hamas, al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Boko Haram. These events are intended to do only one thing – suppress civil rights and intensify security. There is no question that the United States and Israel are the primary protagonists of this global tyranny, with Saudi Arabia being a key financier - not to mention all the money and gold they stole from Gaddafi and Hussein, after they killed them, to keep our economies and western banks afloat. If you have not noticed, NATO allied countries, led by the USA, have taken once peaceful and prosperous nations, and turned them into living hell. Throughout the chaos, Israel stands untouched and unharmed. This fact should tell you something.

The chatter on vigilance and radicalization will also intensify. Is it not odd that our governments and media appear to know which individuals are leaving to join ISIS abroad? How do they make these assertions and conclusions? I find it utterly incredible. But if you think about it, that may be a good thing – the home grown terrorists are leaving our respective countries so less effort will be required to find them. Please, let them all go.

It is important to note that the bodies of the terrorist(s) or his/her victim(s) are never visible and nothing about these individuals subsequent to the event is ever made public. I want to see the bodies! My belief is that they don’t exist and we are victims of a treasonous charade. What I do know is that Harper has condoned genocide in Gaza, a coup d’etat in Ukraine, more war in Iraq, approval of or participation in illegal wars in the Middle East and Africa and has cavorted with the JDL – a known terrorist organization. This man should be arrested and made to face charges of genocide. If Saddam Hussein can hang for our democratic values, so should a Western leader who pretends to uphold them.

I keep asking parliamentarians about Col. Russell Williams but I receive no response. This individual is not only a convicted murderer, but according to other news sources he was a member of a global assassination squad. His ties to Stephen Harper should raise eyebrows and questions. Who really is Stephen Harper and what does he know about the murder of so many women on Native Reserves?

Post-JFK, many democratic nations had a noose put around their neck. It is time Canada stops dangling from the gallows. We must rid ourselves of the grotesque individuals who have led us to this horrific end.

I am very curious about something. A young lad named Elijah Marsh, who lived in Toronto, died recently in a very tragic circumstance. The mayor, the local MPP, the media and well-wishers all over the city came together to experience the loss of this child. Someone also took upon themselves to raise approximately $200,000.00 for funeral expenses and provide assistance to the family. This child awakened our grief, united us in sorrow and perhaps strengthened our family bonds.

So I am curious to ask, why the HELL are you allowing Stephen Harper to condone or participate in the murder of millions of people in the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa. What brainless idiots are you? Do you not think those victims warrant our tears, our compassion and justice? You people are sick! Unlike Elijah, I have not seen the faces of the tens of thousands of children who have perished (blown to bits, heads shot off, bodies amputated) but I imagine the parents and family are devastated. Their sorrow is much too distant for us to comprehend, so we let it go. I hope God does to you what you have allowed our idiotic leaders to do to them.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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