Friday, February 6, 2015

Terror Terror

Terror Terror

Terror terror on the wall
Tell us, who is the fairest of them all
Who amongst you, can tell no lie
None is the answer, for fear you don’t up and die

Terror terror on the wall
The world is advancing for its destined fall
All about are warnings of an impending doom
The planet gently primed for the sacrificial tomb

Terror terror on the wall
Humanity subliminally tenderized by the propaganda maul
Intelligence news of radicalization is all around
Obedience to the political rhetoric, but silence only the opposing sound

Terror terror on the wall
Cannot you not feel the arms of a totalitarian thrall
Evidence conjures only that our politicians are assassins and thieves
Chameleons masquerading as the autumn changing leaves

Terror terror on the wall
I summon you with a wrenching wrawl
Crumble to the ground as the Babel Tower
Behind the evil, stands an everlasting Power

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Undo haec faciat Deus malum quod mali homines. Et scelera eorum, et blasphemia mendacium adjudicare aeternam inferni. A Deo in aliorum persequi otiosum humanitas quemadmodum innocens periit. Haec erit fides, oro, ut alia uis orationis et Deo.

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