Friday, February 20, 2015

The Heavens Have Turned Cold

The Heavens Have Turned Cold

Just because the screenplay was written millennia ago, it does not prevent anyone from transforming the prophetic content into reality today. We are experiencing the work of Satan and not the return of Jesus. Satan is alive, and his followers are all around us. Make no mistake, Satan is evil, devious, ruthless and he has absolutely no compassion for those who oppose him.

The heavens have turned cold
Men’s minds have succumb to an eerie frost
The air is bitter
There is no comfort in its breeze
The flesh pains for justice
For treason has pierced every inch of its canvas
The truth has been sterilized by lies
Deception coats all that was once natural
We have been divided by hate
Made to accede to the unbelievably evil beliefs of Satan

The words of “The Secret Covenant” leave no doubt as to their legitimacy. The contents of the covenant were revealed over a decade ago. The finger-printed words leave a trail of sedition, treachery and original sin.

READ "The Secret Covenant"

Domine carissime, Creatorem caeli et terrae, exaudi orationem meam. Nos qui sumus in hac terrestri succumbit Satanas venena et qui veniam non dignum amore, nos qui vivimus in umbra tueri nos amare. Domine carissime, ut omnes qui in uerba iurauerint pacti hujus, et omnes qui illis carus experiantur damnationem aeternam inferni. Avertatur ira tua a pungendo carnem omnis inch Igne omnia extinguit dolores et adventum ipsius perniciem animarum et poenitentia. Exaudi, Domine, omnes qui ad hanc conscientiam suscitat miserum dolor sopiantur, et fortuna tua ad cognoscendum. Carissimi, obsecro vos ut libera a seditiosis Canada actuum nostrorum, moderatores et ponam eos in ira sua et in furore vivis exemplis. Et infames gressus eorum formido inficiat mentem, et faceret et conturbati unciae omne vitae natura.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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