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Eye of Horus and Pineal Gland

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The Bible and the Pineal Gland 1

What is the pineal gland? It is a part of the brain that is associated with spiritual enlightenment in the New Age and various eastern religions. It is also known as the “mind’s eye” or “third eye”. Various religious rituals are said to open the pineal gland to the spiritual world such as meditation or chanting. Drugs are another method.

So the question is: is the pineal gland mentioned in the bible? Did the prophets achieve visions through psychoactive drugs and pineal gland activation? Did Jesus talk about the third eye? Some people will say so. After analysis, you will see that it is merely all hyped up wordplay

This is first of a short series of posts.
Genesis 32:30 Pineal Gland
Our first example may take someone aback at first glance. In Genesis 32:30 we read:
So Jacob named the place Peniel, for he said, “I have seen God face to face, yet my life has been preserved.”

So according to the pagans, the only way to experience God would be to go into yourself and open up your mind. They believe that you need to have your pineal gland clean. When the pineal gland is open and activated, you will see god or gods face to face. And some go as far as to say that it will bring you to the realization that you yourself are a god (The lie of Satan in Genesis 3). Shockingly, Jacob named the place where he saw God face to face Peniel. That’s incredibly close to Pineal!

However, only by spelling is that so. But what about etymology?

First let’s take a look at the word “Peniel” in verse 30 of chapter 32.

I) Penuel or Peniel = “facing God”
n pr m
1. a Benjamite, son of Shashak, brother of Iphedeiah of the family of Saul
2. son of Hur, father of Gedor, and a descendant of Judah
n pr loc
3. the place named by Jacob when he wrestled with God and located on the north bank of the Jabbok close to the Jordan

So here we can see that the Hebrew word does not have anything to do with the pineal gland. It merely means “Facing god“. And the root words would be “Panah” (פָּנָה) which means “face” and “El” (אֵל) which means “God [singular]”

So what about the word “Pineal“? Does the word come from “Peniel”? Does the word “Pineal” have anything to do with gods meeting us face to face? Are you ready to be shocked? Hold on to your pantaloons, because here is the etymology of the word “Pineal”.

pineal (adj.) 1680s,
in reference to the gland in the brain, from French pinéal, literally “like a pine cone,” from Latin pinea “pine cone,” from pinus “pine tree” (see pine (n.)).

What? That’s it. Pine cones. The word pineal means “like a pinecone”. You can let go of your pantaloons. There actually wasn’t much to see here. Just pine cones. I thought, perhaps maybe, we would see god coming down in clouds of glory. But all we got was

a pine cone. (I’ll admit. The longer you stare at a pine cone, the trippier it looks)
But while “pineal” and “peniel” are highly unrelated, there are pineal gland references throughout various false religions, and even in the pagan infiltration of Christianity that we call Catholicism today. But that’s for another time to touch on. Here, I am only addressing the use of the pineal gland in scripture.


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