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ABRACADABRA Not Just Childish Fun

ABRACADABRA Not Just Childish Fun

(Abracadra can mean "Our Father who art in Heaven" the Lord's prayer - John Allegro)

Witches and deep occult magicians join Bailey in use of the triangle.
Take the word ABRACADABRA that is repeatedly used in kids TV cartoons and programs by supposedly mythical creatures like wizards and witches and fairies.
Actually, this word is of ancient origins. In a poem on occult medicine written by a pagan doctor in ancient Rome about 250 AD, to ward off fevers and sickness, the physician recommended the word abracadabra be written down in an inverted triangle like this:
Next, the paper on which the word was written was to be tied round the patient's neck for nine days and then thrown backwards over the shoulder into a stream running eastwards.
The fever then would shrink to nothing, the patient was told.
The magical word ABRACADABRA comes from worship of the gnostic God, Abraxas.
It literally means: The dead body, or corpse, of Abraxas.

Witches often use the triangle as a protective symbol. They foolishly believe it can be used as a talisman, especially if the Tetragrammaton, the Hebrew letters for God, are inserted inside the triangle. The Masons do the same thing essentially in the Masters Jewel of the 4th degree.
The triangle is inscribed on the ring given holders of the 14th degree also. 

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