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AIIB - Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Russia will become a founding member of the AIIB on April 14, 2015. Someone please explain to me why most of Asia and Europe are joining the AIIB, yet the USA and Canada are still OUT?

The AIIB, in my estimation, may be the creation of the White Dragon Society (WDS). The goal of the WDS is to rid the world of the FIAT-based central banking system - overseen by the Rothschild and Rockefeller families (yet they are not the true masters). The end-game will mean that a gold-backed AIIB currency, or AIIB led coalition, will replace the American dollar as the reserve currency - which is soon to happen. Russia and China have been amassing HUGE gold reserves. I don't believe the USA has any more gold, and other than Germany, France and Italy the global leader of gold reserves in the West is the Vatican which as of April, 2012 had estimated reserves of 60,350 tons of gold.

In addition, Russia assumes the chairmanship of the BRICS business council, the launch of the New Development Bank for its members will begin as an alternative to the US-dominated International Monetary Fund (IMF). This was decided April 1, 2015.

What is happening today, is what John F Kennedy and Achmad Soekarno attemped to do with the "Global Collateral Accounts" prior to the JFK assassination. JFK is the most important individual of our times - his legacy must live and his assassination must be made public. We already know who killed him and why.

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Stephen Harper is part of a criminal cabal fighting against what the world is embracing.

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As of 10 April 2015, there are 38 Prospective Founding Members (PFM) and 21 countries and regions applying for PFM. As one of the countries and regions currently applying for PFM, Hong Kong joins the delegation of China in the negotiations.

Belgium, Canada, and Ukraine are considering joining the AIIB. Colombia, Japan, and the United States have no immediate intention to participate. North Korea was rejected by China to join as a member.

Prospective Founding Members[edit]

There are 30 PFMs in the Asian region, 8 PFMs not in the Asian region.

Prospective Founding Members (PFMs) of AIIB (2015-04-10 UTC+8 12:00:00)

   PFM signed the memorandum to build AIIB
   Approved as PFM of AIIB
   Applying to become PFM of AIIB
   Application under consideration
   No commitment to participate or rejected
Asia regional membersNon-regional members
Country/RegionDate of approval
 Bangladesh*24 October 2014
 Brunei*24 October 2014
 Cambodia*24 October 2014
 China* (Founder)24 October 2014
 India*24 October 2014
 Indonesia*25 November 2014
 Iran3 April 2015
 Jordan7 February 2015
 Kazakhstan*24 October 2014
 Kuwait*24 October 2014
 Kyrgyzstan9 April 2015
 Laos*24 October 2014
 Malaysia*24 October 2014
 Maldives31 December 2014
 Mongolia*24 October 2014
 Myanmar*24 October 2014
   Nepal*24 October 2014
 Oman*24 October 2014
 Pakistan*24 October 2014
 Philippines*24 October 2014
 Qatar*24 October 2014
 Saudi Arabia13 January 2015
 Singapore*24 October 2014
 Sri Lanka*24 October 2014
 Tajikistan13 January 2015
 Thailand*24 October 2014
 Turkey10 April 2015
 United Arab Emirates3 April 2015
 Uzbekistan*24 October 2014
 Vietnam*24 October 2014
CountryDate of approval
 France2 April 2015
 Germany1 April 2015
 Italy2 April 2015
 Luxembourg27 March 2015
 Malta9 April 2015
 New Zealand5 January 2015
  Switzerland28 March 2015
 United Kingdom28 March 2015

Applicant Countries
Country/RegionDate of application
 Australia29 March 2015
 Austria27 March 2015
 Azerbaijan31 March 2015
 Brazil28 March 2015
 Denmark28 March 2015
 Egypt30 March 2015
 Finland30 March 2015
 Georgia28 March 2015
 Hong KongDecember 2014
 Hungary31 March 2015
 Iceland31 March 2015
 Israel31 March 2015
 Netherlands28 March 2015
 Norway31 March 2015
 Poland31 March 2015
 Portugal31 March 2015
 Russia30 March 2015
 South Korea26 March 2015
 Spain27 March 2015
 Sweden31 March 2015

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