Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Atop Parliament Hill

It's humorous that our criminally corrupt CIA/Zionist "prime crime sinister" and Bilderberg mole Nigel Wright are not in jail, rather than Mike Duffy. The Canadian public is witnessing how the establishment slaughters a squealing pig, while the parasites continue to flourish.  Mikey tried it, he liked it, but it bit him in the ass. Thank you, Joseph Pede - Sent to all Canadian Parliamentarians.

Atop Parliament Hill

Grand tree trunks scattered throughout the land
Leaves of maple salute the cheeky acorns
Wild blueberry bushes find comfort in the harshness of nature
A defiant lady’s slipper rests in the meadow

Atop Parliament Hill the royal jester readies his flute
The guardians of public opinion groom the presses
Fraternity’s ubiquitous deceit re-assuredly shielded by public ignorance
The robed magistrate already prepped to wipe the slate clean

A cagey old owl inside a weather-beaten barn gazes from afar
Scripted obscurely, 1946 marks the birth date of the abandoned farm
A singular stable christened Duffy stores the bronco’s rotted leather reins
A cool breeze occasionally gusts to remove the smell of rot

In the shadows, an old mill wright hews new lumber
The cost of repairs leaves the farmer hemmen and hawing
An old woodcock fears for the loss of his long-time nest
Neighbor Perrin jokingly offers a helping hand.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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