Thursday, April 9, 2015



Who dares contemplate my early demise
For Harperism no-one shall endeavor to chastise
The pawns under my charge will not hold my name in vain
For why would mad-people attempt to drive me insane

I am the creator and undertaker of my loyal crew
Occasional slaughter is necessary to create political news anew
I must be seen as an omnipotent figure by the public at large
My gonads require that my position take absolute charge

For what is a court of law and a man named Duffy
Summon Col Williams and they both shall become as the late great fluffy
I want to fly war planes and bomb the Middle East
Those are the orders given to me by my one and only cherished Beast

For what does it matter if I lie about the stumbling economy
You shall all become as Giordano Bruno and his philosophical astronomy
Listen more intently and take heed of my illusory terrorist
For in that tale I have been anointed the almighty author and exorcist

I am greater than Vladimir Putin and all his oil
The Tar Sands hold the sacred bones of murdered Natives in the blackish soil
I will so too continue to be the voice of an Apartheid and evil Zionism
A little genocide will make great narration for the future historian.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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