Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy

In the Book of Job, God removed His protection over Job, thus allowing Satan to take Job’s wealth, family and health. This was done to test Job’s character and devotion to God. Mike Duffy is no Job, but he has become the dubious defender of Canadian democracy. 

My admiration for Mike Duffy at this point in time is limitless. He has, with great fear and trepidation, taken on the Conservative political machine, better known as Stephen Harper, a Son of Satan. Make no mistake, Harper is dismantling Canada, negatively re-scripting our Charter of Rights and Freedom and preparing this great land to meet the guidelines of a secretive global agenda.

I, like many Canadians, view the Senate as a contemptuous haven for those who remain faithful to the leader and dogma of a political party – a position of comfort and of very little accountability. Surprisingly, it is the dogged spirit of Mike Duffy that leads me to conclude that the Senate can be a force which resists the fascist ideology of Stephen Harper, and others like him. A non-denominational, freely elected Senate is the only protection we have against traitors like Stephen Harper.

This may be the only case in Canadian history where a crime involving many, resulted in criminal charges being laid against only one individual, and those who committed or perpetrated the actual crime have been exonerated (i.e. Harper, Wright et al).

The equitable outcome in the crusade against Mike Duffy, should be the imprisonment of Harper and Wright. This act alone would communicate to the world that democracy is alive and well. A political leader must not be immune to legal persecution, nor should the system be designed to make that possibility an aberration.

Canadian foreign policy has become as volatile as Duffy’s day in court. Not only has this crime minister taken on Duffy, he has also taken us to war and taken on our own judicial system. I keep referring to Col Russell Williams for one very strong reason – I am convinced that individual will expose Harper for what Harper truly is.

The once demonstrative and confident character known as Mike Duffy, appears much more powerful as the bald, overweight and tragic caricature of contemporary politics. Duffy deserves our respect, even if the media is predisposed to protect the prime minister’s crimes.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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