Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Pastor Says Artificial Intelligence Will Save The Church By Providing Superior Robot Preachers

Pastor Says Artificial Intelligence Will Save The Church By Providing Superior Robot Preachers, Synthetically Anointed Moralists That Will Help Mankind Embrace A Superior “Path To Righteousness”


If your to start with assumed when you listen to “robot preacher” is the Preacherbot character from the popular Television set exhibit Futurama, we do not blame you. But for Florida pastor Christopher Benek, robot preachers are an plain reality… or at least they will be in the close to long term. If, as Christian theology points out, people are established in God’s likeness, then, Benek advised The Huffington Post, “it would make sense that we [much too] would be equipped to create something that has autonomy.” Benek retains a Health care provider of Ministry in theology and science from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and espouses a Christian type of transhumanism — the notion that humanity can be increased by means of the improvement of new systems. He appeared in a March 15 episode of “The Daily Clearly show” to discuss his strategies about the future of artificial intelligence and religion. “If you have the potential to procedure all of the information on Earth instantaneously, you could create a fairly superior sermon,” he told “The Day by day Clearly show”‘s Jordan Klepper.

“The hope would be beings who fundamentally lead us to a new path of holiness.” (READ MORE)

Source: http://skywatchtv.com/2015/04/21/pastor-says-artificial-intelligence-will-save-the-church-by-providing-superior-robot-preachers-synthetically-anointed-moralists-that-will-help-mankind-embrace-a-superior-path-to-righteousnes/

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