Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Door

The Door

Life is not the consequential decision of those who bring it into existence, but rather a pronouncement by someone within God’s spiritual realm to accept an invitation for rebirth. The angels and saints who were preordained with greatness or chanced to find early redemption within the wickedness of Mankind, stand careful watch and guide those who seek that same redemption. The returning spirits however face great adversity. They descend into a world filled with all of Satan’s trickery, and in time, many will forsake all the spiritual greatness they had come to acquire while in Heaven.

Birth, one might say, is an awakening into evil, and life a journey in which we are allowed to rediscover God. In life we will face many obstacles, some of which will be thresholds never to be crossed.

Beyond the door exists only mystery before it is first unsealed. We can contemplate, theorize and guess what is beyond the threshold, but the realization of what is on the other side can only be experienced when we enter. Some doors will have locks, some will remain forever sealed, and some doors will lead to other doors. Always keep your guard for doors that are quick to open.

The challenge is not in opening the door but rather in understanding why we have them. Doors are Satan’s limiting instruments. They restrict enlightenment and redemption, they foster fear and create separation.

The door while existing in the physical realm, has a spiritual implication – as it awaits only the entry of the human mind. The third eye is you wish. 

The paradox is that while all existence subsists within a holographic universe, our re-birth is not genetically encoded with knowledge of the spiritual realm, as our DNA was manipulated by Satan too. The doors were genetically implanted before we even began our journey.

While we may have some instinctual awareness of a greater power, our awareness of IT must be taught or handed-down from generation to generation. The interpretation of, and access to scripture is also in the hands of Satan.

Finally, you know you have lost your mind, and have sealed shut the door to enlightenment, when you accept political treachery, financial corruption, unending war and human degradation. They are the calling cards for Satan and his disciples. God left the door wide open. Those who are not of God, put up doors. Bill 51C is a door.  

Jesus said, "I am the door; if anyone enters through Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture." - John 10:7

The door to “Hell on Earth” is open only to the progeny of Satan and all those chosen and accepting of his evil. Those of us who have turned our back on God’s door, and become the gullible disciples of Satan, will become the dispensable pawns in the unending game of treachery - awaiting our next invitation.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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