Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Vladimir Putin on Zionism

Published May 5, 2015

By Mary Carmel (TLB)

In the presented video, President Vladimir Putin sets the record straight not only about past, but what is still happening presently. For those of you who have missed this, due to the fact that it had been completely erased from our history books by the “elite”… please take note! We are on the brink of a global disaster due to the ignorance revealed by the citizens of the US, and the rest of the western world. There is a mass awakening happening right now, and the repressors that have committed the genocide in the second world war, are still in power ! They do not discriminate, you and your family could very well be next.

It is time that Americans, as well as others in Europe, turn off the distractions created by the Israeli/Zionist/Vatican cabal created by the Illuminati families that run our government and every corner of our lives. It is wake up time and they are knocking at the door to start their beloved WWIII, reducing us to rubble and enslaving the whole planet.

In his  statement which is translated, so that you can understand it clearly, he has finally come out and said what others are afraid to say, for fear of being assassinated like JFK and the long list of whistle blowers that have followed. We are under Israeli occupation, our congress is seemingly helpless to fight against their blackmail and bribery, while we have a dictator pumping out unconstitutional executive orders, resembling complete insanity to put us under martial law. These people are inciting and funding the riots on TV, they have infiltrated our judicial system and are gaining  ground quickly.

As Putin makes its clear, and history has shed the real spotlight on this cabal, we remain under the same threat as we did then. Notice that he clarifies the difference between the Judaic people of faith and the the freemason illuminati, parading as Jews to continue the biggest fraud ever committed upon mankind. Their goal is complete slaughter, depopulation, and global control. He goes on to make the point that this is a threat to all religions, and all sovereignty.

I do not advocate for one leader over another right now given the choices, and under our republic, “We the People” are the governing rule of law in the US. I will not vote another one into office blindly, nor should any one of us, it would be suicide. *They even control the electorate anyway! Please stop these dual citizen, Israel first bullies that have raped us of our prosperity and liberty, now aiming to throw us into FEMA camps under Operation Jade Helm 15 (happening right now). Let us get on with it and rid ourselves of this oppression once and for all! Stop complaining about the mainstream news stories fabricated by these treasonous criminals America! Get off of your couches and join the fight. If you think another one of their “selected” presidents is going to help, in the upcoming election, you are severely misinformed. At the rate we are going, we may be under martial law and there is a good chance elections may not take place. DHS  is a Mossad operation, forced upon you under the lie of 9/11 events.

In conclusion, the message here is that there was no  Germany Vs. Russia, there is no  left and right government! It is the same organized group of criminals that have controlled it all from backstage! It is an illusion of manipulation and lies.

To learn more about how your government is REALLY supposed to operate, with your “participation”, please visit the National Liberty Alliance website. NLA is a partnered site of TLB and you can read all the documents necessary to educate yourself in this area. NLA has had remedy to stop this nonsense and bring these people to justice, it is in motion and requires you to take a stand with us and sit in on the Monday night call. The information for your respective state and county administrators are there at the contact tab.


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