Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fife, Drum and Flag

Fife, Drum and Flag

Creation did not provide for deeds, fences and politicians. Somewhere down in our intellectual evolution we found it necessary to create nations and geographic borders. Babel gave us further division via the advent of new languages. Through this ongoing division we found it necessary to create rulers in the form of kings and queens. They in turn appointed political parasites to infest the will of Man.

The aforementioned debauchery was not a ubiquitous planetary plague, for the people we have come to know as Aboriginals and Natives continued to roam nomadically throughout the lands, observing only natural borders. They sought no jurisdiction, only basic freedoms.  This observance to God’s creation eventually led to their demise, and gave birth to what we now refer to as genocide. This prescription for evil and what torments Mankind today has its roots in the White Man’s obsession for suppressing and murdering people of different colours. We must thank Spanish Jews for this modern-day evil. It was their greed that led to the eventual slaughter of 100,000,000 African Blacks and Aboriginals and the beginnings of the African Slave Trade. We have never recovered since.

It is time to open your eyes for the truth never told. Great exposure of our time of the Jewish lies that was presented in this new film.

Colour was not the only footprint for genocide, for religious affiliation became an excuse to murder and exterminate as well. 

We then constructed political platforms that defined the rules, protocols and manners by which people must conform. To accommodate the very few in power, we found illicit reasons to change borders and forcibly remove leaders who did not agree with the prevailing world view. Our select few leaders accomplished this feat by mastering the art of demonization and propaganda. They learned how to change disagreeable leaders and borders without firing a shot – they simply hyped the news with malicious and fictitious facts. In so doing they created the new norm, just like instant coffee.

The fife and drum play on, flags continue to fall, and the visible and invisible borders continue to be redrawn – all paving the way for one global hegemonic power. This however will never come to pass.

But how have these few unscrupulous individuals come to secure such power? The answer: via an invented currency of exchange. Valueless paper adorned with virtual dreams and ravaging debt. Embellished with derivatives, options, default swaps, futures, commodities and every financial trap imaginable. Capped with the doctrine of obsolescence and sprinkled with greed.

These sons of Satan then stealthily used technology and artificial intelligence to manipulate the financial markets, employing algorithmically controlled computer servers to pilfer on a grand scale. They then lobbied our parliamentary houses to protect this infamy with legislation, promising financial and professional rewards to those they carefully vetted and who willingly accepted indoctrination into Satan’s Fraternity.

We have arrived at a point in our history where that medium of exchange (i.e. money) no longer discriminates – it simply excludes anyone who is not a member of the Fraternity. These individuals watch as “the sheep” march to the beat of the fife and drum, not to suppress tyranny or protect human liberties, but rather to honour and be sacrificed to their God, Satan. 

As FIAT currencies vanish as the medium of exchange, so too will the greater part of humanity. But fear not, God will deal with Satan and his fraternal coven - not via Bill 51C but rather via a Heavenly summon to everlasting Hell. 

The gates of Hell have opened, as the Book of Enoch eerily prophesized. 

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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