Monday, June 8, 2015

Mayor John Tory - Carding


The Black, and other marginalized communities, must be over-joyed with your recent announcement. I have long believed that a politically and corporately infused exclusionary socially engineered agenda, designed to keep the Black community at the periphery of our societal boundaries, has been in place for decades.

When opportunity for success becomes too distant, young Black teens resort to illicit opportunism. When societal acceptance becomes a norm rather than a function of public policy, the will for positive self-determination will thrive.

While you may not agree, Minister Louis Farrakhan’s position on the Black condition is one of the most insightful and truthful positions you will find anywhere. He is an International leader who can lift broken spirits and fallen shoulders.

My belief is that Minister Farrakhan has been wrongly branded and perhaps banned from entering Canada. The truth should never be banned. He should be an invited guest of this not-so tolerant City. Attached is one of his most recent interviews. As I tell others, listen and learn.

By the way, I’m Catholic not Muslim, but one’s creed should not undermine the self-determination of others.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede
Louis Farrakhan Breakfast Club Full Version. Louis Farrakhan sits with the breakfast club for an exclusive interview.

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