Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Israel Just Won with Iran's Nuclear Deal

The following highlights the absurdity of foreign policy decisions:

Russia, as a key member of the UN security council approved Iran's nuclear ambitions (even though Iran has had nuclear weapons for quite some time - this is just a well kept secret) along with the other UN Security council members. This decision will mean the removal Iran's international sanctions, yet Russia still is impacted by international sanctions. It makes no sense!!! Russia can remove international sanctions against Iran, but not on itself!!!!!

And to top it all off, ...if Iran fails to abide by the nuclear approved program, China and Russia, have agreed in advance to give up their UN security council vote in the future on this matter, and allow the remaining members (namely the USA) to do whatever they want - re-introduce sanctions or better yet, be able to militarily invade Iran. In other words, a military invasion of Iran cannot be contested by Russia or China.

They have just setup the conditions for a major Middle East war and perhaps beyond. Israel is complaining in the background but they just got what they wanted - the pretext to start a war with Iran. Somehow they will convince the world that Iran has violated the terms of the nuclear program to start this fictitious war.

You have just witnessed the evil of the Zionist agenda. Somehow they have convinced UN security council members (Russia and China) to stand down. This is the last step in Israel's covert agenda to annex the entire Middle East. If Iran falls, Syria will eventually fall as well. The entire Middle East will belong to Israel.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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