Monday, August 10, 2015

Not Ever Being Any More

Not Ever Being Any More
Does pondering one’s demise create an enigmatic quandary?

Horrifying is the notion of one not ever being any more

Dreading more so in the belief that one’s existence will transform into a forgotten memory

Ominous is the thought of contemplating one’s lifeless body stiffened and forever absent from existence

Embalmed, formally attired and eternally warehoused in a casket befitting one’s former station in life

Sealed for all eternity in a dark cold crypt with only a few of life’s mementos keeping one company

Surrounded simply by the many corpses of strangers one once neglected in life

Resting comfortably as Mother Nature’s arsenal gradually ravages the previously manicured flesh

Taking momentary solace in the occasional passer-bye who contemplates our one-time existence

Perhaps helping one understand why our journey was a necessary plight for the inconceivable soul

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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