Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"MJ-12 Member Vannevar Bush FBI File Released"

"MJ-12 Member Vannevar Bush FBI File Released"

Vannevar Bush was named as one of the original members of the Majestic-12 group, or MJ-12. I have compiled many of the FBI files for those rumored to be a part of this "secret organization" which has never been officially confirmed. Though a lot of evidence points to it being real, we lack the definitive proof.Recently, I obtained the entire FBI file on Vannevar Bush.

Fbi File Mj-12 Files

You can download his file, along with many others, at;

You will note: According to the FBI: "One record (161-BS-1452) which may be responsive to your FOIA request was destroyed in April of 1998." This is the same case for a few of the other files I have received, on those rumored to be connected with MJ-12. Their files, or portions thereof, have been "destroyed."" copied.


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