Friday, October 9, 2015

Election Friars

Election Friars

The postman arrived today with mail in hand
A thick pile held together by an elastic band
At the bottom was contained a hoard of leaflets and flyers
One amusingly featured the next cast of election friars

Like a prescription drug they arrive each and every day
I have yet to see one with our cutie-beaver Elizabeth May
The backsides all promise heaven on Earth
A stealth economy, lower taxes and a Canadian re-birth

Occasionally canvassers accompany the mail by knocking on the door
Vote for us they say to be fully represented on the Parliamentary floor
Yet ask a question, confuse them and they quickly depart
The requested answer as evasive as a silent fart

Election signs spring up to accompany the residential landscape
Almost as annoying as governmental red tape
Prominently the candidate’s names are displayed in colorful ink
Not one smiley face, a wave or friendly wink

They come looking for job and tell you they care
The money, perks and power is all they really hope to snare
Don’t waste your vote on “so and so” they are quick to explain
For they alone are capable in the next political kingdom to reign

As always I will cast my vote in utter disgust
This once great democracy is now coated with a lying rust
The agenda is far greater than the concerns of the average Joe
Behind the scenes they keep us restricted from the truth and reality show

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

Governments are formed not by those who cast the ballot but by those who count them.

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