Monday, October 5, 2015

Racism: A legal argument to have Stephen Harper removed from Parliament

Racism: A legal argument to have Stephen Harper removed from Parliament

I don’t know how much treachery a Canadian should stomach from this traitor and sponsor of genocide in the Middle East - crimes which are punishable by execution in the international courts.

The burqa has become the latest attack on our Charter of Rights and Freedom. Harper’s newest electoral strategy is to create a wedge between the varying political and religious sects in this country, and continually increase the fear barometer – the same politics employed by Neo-Conservative/Zionist Satanists.

Harper in his newest political obscenity has managed to indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, attack many religious groups and personal life-styles. This attack on the burqa is a direct racist attack on Thomas Mulcair as well. One might ask why, and the answer is clearly visible:

1.       A male darning a beard, would in many cases, be completely unrecognizable if he shaved his beard and hair. Mr. Mulcair, would Canadians recognize you with no beard and a bald landscape? The answer would be intriguing.

2.       A male darning a beard and a turban could be completely unrecognizable if he shaved his beard, removed the turban and shaved his hair. Another terrorist in the making!

3.       What about religious denominations that require women to wear disguises such as wigs?

4.       Today’s tattoos and body-piercing can transform the body to unrecognizable states – should we ban this form of personal expression? Remember, that some tattoos can be temporary.

I still do not understand why Stephen Harper is eligible to participate in this Federal election. A traitor, thief, liar and sponsor to murder should be in jail, not on the campaign trail. I have attached a poem I wrote about five years anticipating this newest political farce.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The Burqa and the Beard

The Burqa and the Beard both stir the imagination
Underneath one layer of disguise there exists another
Religion and tradition are the two boundaries
Laziness and fashion create the two in-betweens

The beard is an out-poring of the facial facade
It hides the true intentions of authority
A burqa conceals an entire persona
The silky garb fortifies the visage of the mysterious face

The Rabbi and Imam make fertile their beards
Their wisdom matures as the hair spasms from black to silver and finally gold
Men ponder the passion inside the burqa, and
Discard its reality should it not favour the beard

The burqa is not of Islam
It is a guise intended to impede vociferous thoughts
Worn both to dignify and ostracize the flesh
Its intended purpose is to confuse chastity

A beard creates the look of age
It has migrated from authority to a joyful liberalism
Today stubble naively makes folly of the beard
We will soon see the beard angrily emerge from behind the burqa.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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