Saturday, November 21, 2015

Putin, Israel and the USA

Can you hear the sound of resting water
Or the cow churning the yet to be butter
Can you hear the sea cutting the Earth like a serrated knife
Or a leaf transforming CO2 to oxygen breathing life
Can you feel the onset of darkness as you enter the alternate domain
Or the blood flowing inside your vein
Can you contemplate the criminal mind
Or an eye who has lost its sight but not yet blind.

To Canadian Parliamentarians

With a new prime minister and parliament, and a mandate filled with social and democratic renewal, Canadians eagerly await its fulfillment. But will change and a new direction be stymied by covert global events – namely Gladio and terrorist events carried out by the Mossad and the CIA? If Canada and the world are to survive the hatred, division and evil being created by Israel and the USA, then Canada must do its utmost in exposing the tyranny being seeded by these dens of Satan.

We are at this moment in time, no longer knocking on Heaven’s door, but rather ramming the gates of Hell. People across this planet have allowed the very few to practise an unjust diplomacy to seditiously rid humanity of all its compassion, kindness and mercy. Our tragic fall from grace has come about without the realization that we now dwell within an evil abyss. These very few among us have employed manipulative logic to murder millions of children across Africa and the Middle East, amputate the splendour of Mother Nature and fill the world with lies and deception.  How did we allow this madness to prevail? In this age of globalism and the universal village, our leaders have managed to so utterly divide the tribes of Man, that the irony is heart-wrenching. We have renewed our hatred of one another by pitting nation against nation, ideology against ideology and color against color.

Some may accuse Saudi Arabia as a key protagonist in the subversive reign of terror in the Middle East and Northern Africa, and they would be correct. The unknown consideration is that the Saudi kings are in fact Jews, and have been so for five centuries. We have been made to believe that ISIS is an extremist Islamic army heralding Islamic fundamentalism across the Middle East. This could not be further from the truth. One must ask the following if we must believe the lunacy being planted in our minds by the media and politicians:

1.       Exactly when was ISIS formed?
2.       Who has the most to gain from the death and destruction in the Middle East? The simple answer is Israel. Israel’s objective is not only Palestine, it is the entire Middle East.
3.       Why do the most sophisticated and well trained armies in the world fail against untrained and ill-equipped mercenaries?
4.       Why do ISIS mercenaries speak British, French, American and every imaginable language and darn tattoos worn by Western individuals?
5.       Why does ISIS not attack its most hated enemy – Israel?
6.       Who is selling ISIS military vehicles, weapons and militia? It could have been the Stephen Harper’s government when it made an arms deal with Israel and Saudi Arabia.
7.       How did mercenaries create an economic pipeline and financial base for selling Syrian and Iraqi oil, and who is buying it?
8.       Why are Israeli hospitals caring for wounded ISIS soldiers and why was a top Israeli general captured at the front lines of ISIS?
9.       Why does Barack Obama not want Vladimir Putin to attacking ISIS in Syria? Obama is in fact creating the platform which may ignite WWIII.
10.   Why do we never see the bodies of the dead terrorists or have full name lists of individuals killed in these terrorist attacks? I presume there may be some victims, but these events are “staged productions” to induce fear and increased security.
11.   Is ISIS being employed as the platform to create the One World Order?

For many people, the thought of humanity plunging itself into a global war is as distant as the twinkling star at the edge of our universe, and yet, long ago a star appeared in the Heavens heralding the coming of a New Age. For some, or for many, the prophetic words of Jesus may have lost their currency, but know that an unlit star will soon cast its coat of anguish upon this planet, and you will ask why you failed to do the right thing.

Israel and the USA are the foundation of global evil and they must be neutralized. On the anniversary eve of JFK’s assassination, a president whose murder was planned by three future presidents, namely George H.W Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon, we must try and understand the depth of the evil that has overtaken America, and listen intently to the warnings of General Eisenhower. One must understand that the Bush family runs the drug cartels in North America, a crime syndicate which began with the formation of Zapata Corporation in the early 1950’s, and later expanded with the assistance of President William J. Clinton.

The above explains Watergate and the expulsion of Richard Nixon from office. The Bush controlled CIA had learned that Nixon was going to make available the JFK assassination file, implicating Bush, Hoover and the many others including the Hunt Brothers and Sam Giancana. Keep in mind that every news media president, ceo and their controllers were involved.

While everyone is focusing on the eventual fall of Iran, the real target is Turkey. Yes it will be in the land of Gobekli Tepe (i.e. where exists the ruins of God’s Garden of Eden) that the final conflict will begin. Should this lunacy prevail we will witness the destruction of Israel and America. The Book of Enoch is at the present time an open book.

The sad reality is that the only person, and nation capable of neutralizing this global evil, are a man and a nation we continue to demonize and accuse of crimes it did not commit. Vladimir Putin and Russia will once again act as soldiers of God, whether we accept this fact or not. Russia stopped Napoleon, and then halted Hitler’s invasion.  Russia will be called on once again to crush the third anti-Christ, and in this age of Gog and Magog, they are Israel and the USA.

I will leave you with the following:

and for the Jews, if they still exist, they must leave Palestine:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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