Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The “Right to Die” a.k.a. Voluntary Euthanasia

The “Right to Die” a.k.a. Voluntary Euthanasia

The right to have someone voluntarily end his/her life has become the latest ethical and moral challenge facing Canadians. Medically assisted euthanasia is simply a means of circumventing a personally induced suicide. The first conundrum is that a person’s decision to end his/her life is foreign to the natural and divine path set-out for an individual’s life cycle.

A person’s decision to opt for voluntary euthanasia typically manifests itself when one’s suffering concludes one’s ability to fully enjoy the physical realm. The second conundrum is that the indestructible workings of the mind and spirit are as enigmatic as the death experience. In many cases, if not all, the spiritual and emotional realm remain fully functional, even if the physical host has been detached or becomes dysfunctional. The body is truly a trinity – body, mind and spirit.

Creation is nothing more than a holographic quilt - humanity and nature are infinitesimally small patches of something far greater. While we may be separated from one another physically, or spiritual DNA is not. The third conundrum is that human beings are exponentially disconnecting themselves from the spiritual realm, in the belief that a Creator does not exist. In so doing we have euthanized something far greater.

The fourth conundrum is that humans are incapable of assessing what a suffering physical entity, whose mobility has been typically derailed by disease or accident, can offer to those around him/her. We have made the presumption that life must be void of intense suffering in order for life to be of value. Paradoxically, today we live in a world filled with unending torment and misery, yet in most cases we stand by as innocent victims of war and violence endure mutilation, torture and horribly inexplicable methods of death. Our inability to sympathize with and sense their pain and suffering is akin to acknowledging someone contemplating an end of life decision because we have given up on them as well.

Man’s only responsibility to Man is to provide his/her fellow human being un-paralleled care and compassion, and insure that Man’s available intellect has been fully utilized to help those who have neared death’s door. The fifth conundrum is that there exists a body of evidence to prove that corporate greed and suppressed science ominously contribute to one’s decision to choose voluntary euthanasia.

We live in a time and space when science, technology and artificial intelligence could make humans near gods on Earth. The great and final conundrum is that if we prolonged human life, to years equivalent to our predecessors who lived centuries long, prior to the deluge, then how could this planet sustain such a mass of human life now? The answer is that we have allowed an ill-equipped and devilish cabal to manage the work of God, and allowed them to make moral and ethical decisions on humanity’s behalf.

Any time we allow someone to prematurely terminate a life, we jeopardize disclosure, the truth, the creative process, and ultimately our obligation to one another. I do not know if the immortals known as Cagliostro, St. Germaine and Fulcanelli live amongst us, or if the mysterious land of the immortals known as Gyanganj exists, but I do know that our ability to overcome suffering will prevail when the truth is revealed to humanity.

We are at a point in human history when our willingness to preserve life becomes the barometer by which we measure Mankind’s future survival. We can relieve the suffering by terminating one’s life, but what will happen when madmen find covert means of inducing pain and suffering as a means of perfecting genocide?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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